» » Grange Hill Episode #14.14 (1978–2008)

Grange Hill Episode #14.14 (1978–2008) HD online

Grange Hill Episode #14.14 (1978–2008) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Family
Original Title: Episode #14.14
Director: Richard Kelly
Writers: Sarah Daniels
Released: 1978–2008
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Chrissy faints in the assembly and Ms Booth has a chat with her outside. She admits to her pregnancy. She goes to Mrs. McClusky's office, who arranges to call in her mother. The conversation is not private, however, as Alice and Becky are monitoring the conversation from their crawl space, and the news spreads around the school. Trevor puts ketchup in Neil Timpson's bag, but Neil figures it out to have been Jacko and plans a suitable revenge. Trevor suggests to Ted that Chrissy fainting in assembly points to her being pregnant, and that Ted ought to find out the truth about Jan Van Der Groot. At home, Chrissy makes peace with her mum and agrees to go an advisory service. She is advised that she must make a decision before twelve weeks, and she agrees to see a gynecologist. Ted, who seems to be in a daze, tries to find out where Chrissy is from Justine, but is told off by Ms Booth for interrupting Netball. Back inside, and in the crawlspace, Alice makes a false move, and her feet punch...
Episode credited cast:
Desmond Askew Desmond Askew - Richard
Luisa Bradshaw-White Luisa Bradshaw-White - Maria
Julie Buckfield Julie Buckfield - Natalie Stevens
Ian Congdon Ian Congdon - Ted Fisk
George A. Cooper George A. Cooper - Mr. Griffiths
David Crane David Crane - Barry Timpson
Alice Dawnay Alice Dawnay - Alice Rowe
John Drummond John Drummond - Trevor Cleaver
Karen Ford Karen Ford - Ms Booth
Nina Fry Nina Fry - Robyn
Kelly George Kelly George - Raymond
Rebekah Joy Gilgan Rebekah Joy Gilgan - Fran
Eliza Hunt Eliza Hunt - Mrs. Mainwaring
Sonya Kearns Sonya Kearns - Chrissy Mainwaring
Jamie Lehane Jamie Lehane - Jacko Morgan