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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama / Comedy
Original Title: The Money $hot
Video type: TV Series
Nothing is ever what it seems. To the outside world, the adult industry is a sexy alternate universe filled with studs and starlets who are ready to go at the drop of a hat. Cigar-chomping, sleazy producers whose backing comes from questionable sources. Directors and performers who party harder off-camera than on. And money. Lots and lots of money. Some of that may be true, but those who work inside the bitter embrace of this dysfunctional family known as porn understand that the real story is both more mundane, and much more bizarre, than you could ever imagine. Meet the editors of "Blue Movie Guide," Silicone Valley's answer to "Variety." Day in and day out they deal with the gossip, the bed-hopping, the backstabbing and the sheer, ridiculous drama that makes XXX a world unto itself. Outrageous, hot, hysterical and ugly, this is the truth about the world's second oldest profession, as told by the people who write the book.
Series cast summary:
Rebecca Gray Rebecca Gray - Granada Halston 8 episodes, 2000-2014
Paul Hayes Paul Hayes - Dale Burns 8 episodes, 2000-2014
Tom Katsis Tom Katsis - Arthur Davies 8 episodes, 2000-2014
Nicole Marcks Nicole Marcks - Fini Parshcetta 8 episodes, 2000-2014
Robert J. Pouliot Robert J. Pouliot - 'Big' Bob LaCroix 8 episodes, 2000-2014
Bryn Pryor Bryn Pryor - Parker Stuart 8 episodes, 2000-2014
Ian Tanza Ian Tanza - Frank Czarnik 8 episodes, 2000-2014
Nikki Fritz Nikki Fritz - Cassidy Flint 6 episodes, 2000-2014
Mick Orfe Mick Orfe - Steven Feinberg 6 episodes, 2000-2014
Joy Damnit Joy Damnit - Jennifer 4 episodes, 2000-2014

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    I saw all the episodes of this on the web. Personally I've always found the porn industry oddly interesting even beyond the obvious reasons. Each episode is pretty short and its about the day to day lives of people who work at an adult video magazine. Even though it was shot on DV I thought it was really funny. You don't often see a decent series based on such a subject that includes explicit nudity and good writing. Many of the topics were very adult but the filmmakers did a good job with the writing and the the interaction between the characters. Overall I was quite surprised at how good this series was considering its low budget background. It would make a wonderful series on HBO or Showtime. Hope to see in on DVD someday.