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The Cap of Fortune (1909) HD online

The Cap of Fortune (1909) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama / Fantasy
Original Title: The Cap of Fortune
Released: 1909
Video type: Movie
An old woman was walking through the woods one day, so extremely hungry she could hardly stand. A gentleman (that is, in appearance) passed by, refusing her plea for alms. Shortly afterwards a poor man, while gathering nuts for his own starving family, found her lying in a faint by the roadside. He hastened to a pool and, filling his hat with water, carried it to where she was lying and revived her. When he heard of her hunger he immediately gave her all of the nuts he had gathered. The old woman was a fairy who, as a reward for his kindness, gave him a cap, the wearer of which would always have in his pocket one golden crown, no more and no less. Naturally, the good man was overjoyed at his good fortune and, after testing the power of the cap until assured that its magic was unfailing, he hastened home to tell his wife. On the way he was attacked and robbed of the cap by two robbers. They did not retain possession of it very long, however, for the old fairy changed herself into a ...

Released as a split reel along with The Fallen Idol (1909) and Tobacco Mania (1909).