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Coronation Street Episode #1.1890 (1960– ) HD online

Coronation Street Episode #1.1890 (1960– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.1890
Writers: Peter Tonkinson,Tony Warren
Released: 1960–
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Renee and Ena wait by Alf's bedside. Mike worries about the running of the factory. Alf has a fractured skull and needs a brain scan. Emily remembers about Sally Norton and gives the police her description. Steve takes over the running of the factory from Mike's bedside. Mike worries about Deirdre's whereabouts. The police find Sally and Tracy in a park. They return Tracy to Emily who goes for Sally telling her she deserves to die. Len drives Emily around in the van. They find Deirdre on the canal side. She refuses to believe Tracy is safe and threatens to throw herself into the water. Len dashes back for Tracy whilst Emily talks to Deirdre. When she sees Tracy, Deirdre's trance is broken and they are reunited. Deirdre is delighted to see Tracy. Mike is relieved to hear Deirdre and Tracy are safe.
Episode credited cast:
Peter Adamson Peter Adamson - Len Fairclough
Johnny Briggs Johnny Briggs - Mike Baldwin
Violet Carson Violet Carson - Ena Sharples
Eileen Derbyshire Eileen Derbyshire - Emily Bishop
Christabel Finch Christabel Finch - Tracy Langton
Anne Kirkbride Anne Kirkbride - Deirdre Langton
Michael Melia Michael Melia - Sergeant Cummings
Lawrence Mullin Lawrence Mullin - Steve Fisher
Yvonne Nicholson Yvonne Nicholson - Sally Norton