» » Andere Tijden Episode #1.7 (2000– )

Andere Tijden Episode #1.7 (2000– ) HD online

Andere Tijden Episode #1.7 (2000– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary / History
Original Title: Episode #1.7
Released: 2000–
Video type: TV Episode
Backed up by archive footage, former CIA analyst Frank Snepp says what happened at the US embassy in Saigon during the weeks before the Fall of Saigon, the event that marked the end of the Vietnam war. He explains there weren't any evacuation plans and that locals were left behind while the Americans were finally evacuated by plane. Snepp concludes that although he was able to get out, he left a part of his soul there. Contradictory to popular belief and just like Snepp also backed up by lots archive footage, political scientist Daniel C. Hallin believes the US did not lose the Vietnam war because it was the first one to be on television day after day. First of all, at the start of the war, the media (as well as the American people) were very supportive of the war and believed in it. Besides that, he argues, when the public opinion on the Vietnam war began to change, the media were followers, not leaders. Nevertheless, a report from August 1965 made by Morley Safer showing American ...
Episode cast overview:
Hans Goedkoop Hans Goedkoop - Himself - Host
Frank Snepp Frank Snepp - Himself - Analist CIA, Ambassade Saigon (as F. Snepp)
Daniel C. Hallin Daniel C. Hallin - Himself - Universiteit van Californië (as D. Hallin)