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Clarity (2007) HD online

Clarity (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Crime
Original Title: Clarity
Director: Tyler Cole
Writers: Tyler Cole
Released: 2007
Budget: $200
Duration: 20min
Video type: Movie
Webster has a suspicion about his old partner since the night of his wife's death. Slowly and meticulously, he will learn the truth.
Cast overview:
Brandon Neal Brandon Neal - Inspector Philip Webster
C. Michael Morgan C. Michael Morgan - Grant
Tanner Laughton Tanner Laughton - Geoffrey Horace (as Michael Richardson)
Matthew T. Smith Matthew T. Smith - Lt.. Jones
Mollie Siegle Mollie Siegle - Geoffrey's wife
Tyler Cole Tyler Cole - Inspector Gage

In the hostage scene (which was done in three separate days), Neal was the only actor present with the other actors. Morgan was only able to shoot on a day where Richardson was not, Siegle was there alone on a different day where Smith was also present. Effectively, the hostage taker has no hostage and the hostage vice versa.

The aerial shots were captured for the short.

The original park scene between Webster and Gage was shot at a softball stadium, where Web sat benches ahead of Gage. After review, no one liked the scene, and so it was re-shot at a park bench where the two faced each other.

Neal and Morgan were not available on the same day in the final scene. This presented a problem since they had a very important dialogue. The idea to shoot from Webster's perspective came through, however, and is considered a better way to go by the filmmakers.

The metronome was an improvised addition.