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Fisherman's Luck (1897) HD online

Fisherman's Luck (1897) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: Fishermanu0027s Luck
Director: William Heise
Released: 1897
Duration: 1min
Video type: Movie
"Two German anglers are fishing, with odd results. One gets a bite, and pulls in a length of stovepipe. The other is so astonished that he falls overboard."

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    Fisherman's Luck (1897)

    Entertaining Edison short about a couple fishermen on a dock. One pulls in a large fish, which shocks the other so bad that he falls in. That's pretty much all of the story to this 25-second film. There's really not too much going on obviously but if you're a fan of early cinema then this here is certainly a must see as it's an early attempt at the comedy genre. The eventual joke of falling into the water isn't that funny but then again, at this time in history there just wasn't any timing or a better knowledge of how to make the joke work. Still, it's worth sitting through.