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Tarzan Mountains of the Moon: Part 1 (1966–1968) HD online

Tarzan Mountains of the Moon: Part 1 (1966–1968) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure
Original Title: Mountains of the Moon: Part 1
Director: Harmon Jones
Writers: Jackson Gillis,Edgar Rice Burroughs
Released: 1966–1968
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Tarzan comes across a party of religious pilgrims who are being led by Rosanna McCloud to their "Promised Land". To not shatter their dreams, Mrs. McCloud does not inform her followers that her husband, whom they regard as their Prophet, has just been killed, and she is unaware that the government trader who sold the group the land from a reclusive tribe had his own motives for doing so and never intended for the group to reach it. When Rosanna finally tells her group about the death of their leader, she and Tarzan also find that their money has been stolen.
Episode cast overview:
Ron Ely Ron Ely - Tarzan
Manuel Padilla Jr. Manuel Padilla Jr. - Jai
Harry Townes Harry Townes - Capt. Bates
Ethel Merman Ethel Merman - Rosanna McCloud (as Miss Ethel Merman)
Strother Martin Strother Martin - O'Keefe
Harry Lauter Harry Lauter - Whitehead
Perry Lopez Perry Lopez - Chigger
Johnny Jensen Johnny Jensen - Hank
Sabrina Sabrina - Millie
Kai Hernandez Kai Hernandez - Juayva
Jayne Massey Jayne Massey - Flo
Rockne Tarkington Rockne Tarkington - Young Chief
William Marshall William Marshall - Likui

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    This was a very enjoyable two part episode that I see was later joined together and declared a movie. This is not to denigrate the program since it was well produced and acted but it is clear that it was a plot already used many times over in westerns of the 50's and earlier. The location, costumes, sets, and acting groups were transposed from the old west to Africa for "Tarzan" right down to the horses and wagons. You could close your eyes and see a Hollywood western. I love a good western.

    I want to give a salute to one who was one of the most unappreciated actors in the business; Mr. William Marshall. He is another actor who I have enjoyed in everything he did. Good job and rest in peace Mr. Marshall.