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Asian Street Hookers 2 (1999) HD online

Asian Street Hookers 2 (1999) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Adult
Original Title: Asian Street Hookers 2
Director: T.T. Boy
Released: 1999
Video type: Creative Work
Credited cast:
T.T. Boy T.T. Boy
China China - Hooker
Nia Nia - Hooker (as Niya)
Kasorn Swan Kasorn Swan - Hooker (as Stevie)

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    Every genre of film contains landmark cinematic events that cause people the world over to hold hands and unite in rapturous affection. In the oft overlooked but monumentally vital asian prostitute genre, most believe most would proclaim the Asian Street Hookers series as absolute bearers of the throne. Many contendors have laid their mark, yet the Asian Street Hookers titles have dwarfed them all. Here T.T. Boys directorial skills are once again in full flourish. Obviously, everyone has already seen this movie, so I wont bore you with details, but show respect where respect is due, and realize one the most important films of all time.