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Orca: Home (2018) HD online

Orca: Home (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Orca: Home
Director: Jehan Semper
Writers: Jehan Semper
Released: 2018
Budget: $100,000
Duration: 26min
Video type: Movie
In Summer 2017, we made a documentary about a homeless woman who sings in the New York City subway. Now, she has a home. But, who is willing to hire her? Orca: Home, the first of a three episode sequel to Orca: A True Story which chronicles Jehan's path from being a homeless street beggar to returning to a "normal" life as a person with a home, a job and, preferably, a husband, continues Jehan's story. Jehan has successfully secured a place to live. That's great. Now, she'd like to have a job. That should be really simple for someone like Jehan, right? What's so special about Jehan? Well, that would be a matter of perspective.


Cast overview:
Jehan Semper Jehan Semper - Herself