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Deep Slumber (2016) HD online

Deep Slumber (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror
Original Title: Deep Slumber
Director: Kirby Light
Writers: Kirby Light
Released: 2016
Budget: $4,000
Duration: 1h 13min
Video type: Movie
An anthology film about death, murder, betrayal, and the strange location that these characters find themselves in.
Credited cast:
Jodi Barasa Jodi Barasa - Old Woman
Steven Burton Steven Burton - Bartender
Luke Christensen Luke Christensen - Randal
Nick Closson Nick Closson - Hunter; Ted
Brad Davis Brad Davis - Young Man; Ted
Steven Goolsby Steven Goolsby - Rage; Two-faced Man; Other Man
Gabriel Ingersoll Gabriel Ingersoll - Storyteller; John Forest (voice)
Tasha Jacobs Tasha Jacobs - Kitchen Wraith
Katrin Larissa Kasper Katrin Larissa Kasper - Rabbit; Narrator; Scared Woman; Julie; Young Wife
Kaela O'Brien Kaela O'Brien - Daughter
Arthur O'Reilly Arthur O'Reilly - Rage; Ed (voice)
Joshua Ritter Joshua Ritter - Clown / Bedroom Wraith / Old Man / Hanged Man / Pig Woman
Juliette Sanchez Juliette Sanchez - Sad Woman (voice)
Kaytie Spellman Kaytie Spellman - Wolf (voice)
Jasmine Waits Jasmine Waits - Young Girl; Sad Woman; Wolf

Director Kirby Light played ED during the scene when the character was to be set on fire.

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    I got the chance to see Deep Slumber at the Nightmares Film Festival 2016, where it screened as part of the "Late Night Mindf***" program at 2AM. Already being up for 14 hours at that point, it would prove as one hell of a trip, not only being psychologically enduring, but also physically. Maybe this is the way to watch the film though. It sure as hell left an impression on me. When the film started, I already knew I was in for some total mental annihilation after the first couple of minutes. Fast cuts, grotesque images, bizarre music. It really messes with your mind. The film progresses and gets more and more intense and bizarre by the minute. There are a lot of masks used, sometimes very grotesque ones, which I really liked, and a lot of times it felt a lot like watching a David Lynch film. There was just something about the dialogue and the images that reminded me heavily of Inland Empire. Which is a good thing. Very good. There is one particular scene involving a coffin of some sort that seemed to last for over ten minutes that was particularly nerve wrecking, almost to the point where it got exhausting. Which, for me, is also a good thing, as I like films that dare to actually make you feel uncomfortable and don't hold back, just doing their own thing. And that's exactly what happens here, as you find yourself more than often feeling very uneasy, in a disturbing sort of way. The whole thing is just a big, mind penetrating nightmare, which gets stranger and stranger the more it unfolds, leading to an ending I personally really felt was the best way to end it. Personally, I loved this. You have to be open minded, but if you're a fan of the surreal, strange and bizarre, or David Lynch films in general, give this a shot. I'm not sure where it's possible to watch this again, but definitely keep an eye out for it at festivals.