» » La treizième dimension Future Trade (2002–2003)

La treizième dimension Future Trade (2002–2003) HD online

La treizième dimension Future Trade (2002–2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Future Trade
Director: Bob Balaban
Writers: Rod Serling,Clyde Hayes
Released: 2002–2003
Duration: 43min
Video type: TV Episode
A man with a dysfunctional family decides to trade his future for that of a man who is much better off. Unfortunately, things are not as good as they appear.
Episode cast overview:
Forest Whitaker Forest Whitaker - Himself - Host
Frank Whaley Frank Whaley - Martin Donner
Dean Winters Dean Winters - Gordon
Sofia Milos Sofia Milos - Francesca
Anne Marie DeLuise Anne Marie DeLuise - Carroll Donner (as Anne Marie Loder)
Cam Cronin Cam Cronin - Skip Rollins (as Cameron Cronin)
David Kaye David Kaye - Mr. Cromwell
Leanne Adachi Leanne Adachi - Receptionist
June B. Wilde June B. Wilde - Mrs. Decker
C.J. Jackman-Zigante C.J. Jackman-Zigante - Maid

Martin Donner's last name is a reference to Сумеречная Зона (1959) director Richard Donner.

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    ****SPOILERS****With things going, both personal & professional, downhill for him hardware store clerk Martin Donner, Frank Whaley, keeps getting on his computer this advertisement about this firm called "Future Trades" that has nothing to do with the stock market but promises him a better future if he accepts, for a price, their unique services. With curiosity getting the best of him Donner goes to the firms' office and meets salesmen Gordon, Dean Winters, who promises him the world if he signs his John Hancock on dotted line. What Donner in fact did was sign his life away for what he thought at first was a far better existence. The truth is that he was far better off before and the person who traded his life for his got the best of the bargain.

    Finding himself living the high life with luxury cars million dollar mansions as well as a 150 foot yacht not to mention his new and improves, in every department, wife Francesca, Sofia Milos, Donner now for the first time in his life feels that he has it made in the shade. With the beautiful Franceace even cooking him up his favorite meal without the help of the housemaid who's paid to do the cooking!. That's until the time,the bewitching hour of 8:00 PM, expires where he can't turn back to his previous life. An existence what was pure heaven compared to what he was soon to face.

    ****MAJOR SPOILERS*** You soon realize why Francesca's husband wanted out from her and the lifestyle he had. And that poor schmuck Martin Donner was to find out why he did. Spiking his drink with a muscle relaxing drug, Curare, before the deadline, 8:00 PM, came into effect Donner now helpless and unable to defend himself is thrown into the mansion's swimming pool by Francesca's boyfriend Edwardo or Eddie Boy and without being able to stay afloat is left to his fate. As for the person who switched lives or futures with Donner his problems, with Francesca & her boyfriend Eddie Boy, are now history together with the now departed Martin Donner.
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    A guy who is an absolute schmuck is hated by his wife, treated disrespectfully at his two bit job, and in general has little to offer the world. So he goes to a place called Future Trade after seeing their ads all over the place. He is suspicious about signing up, but the promise of exchanging places with someone meeting his criteria (money, cars, women) gets him to put it down on the dotted line. And he gets what he wants. The thing is we know it's the Twilight Zone and so he is going to pay dearly for his fun. Every show we've ever seen where a guy signs a contract to have all he wants are going to end in disaster, even death. Not much new territory here.