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Suure Paugu teooria The Long Distance Dissonance (2007–2019) HD online

Suure Paugu teooria The Long Distance Dissonance (2007–2019) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: The Long Distance Dissonance
Director: Mark Cendrowski
Writers: Chuck Lorre,Bill Prady
Released: 2007–2019
Duration: 19min
Video type: TV Episode
Amy has now started her summer research stint at Princeton. Much to Leonard's chagrin, he has reassumed many of the responsibilities for Sheldon that Amy had taken over when she and Sheldon started seriously dating, such as driving him to specific places. But one of the responsibilities that Leonard can and will not take over may be instead assumed by Dr. Ramona Nowitzki, who Sheldon first met years ago when she was an admiring grad student and who has now reentered his life as she does research at Cal Tech. Sheldon then could not see that Ramona had a romantic interest in him, but now having been in an intimate relationship with Amy, Sheldon may now be more susceptible to romantic female advances. Sheldon and Amy's friends do not know if Ramona is once again after Sheldon, and thus if they should be worried for Amy's sake and do something to intervene or at least inform Amy of Ramona. Things take on new dimensions when Amy does find out about Ramona, and at least one person within ...
Episode complete credited cast:
Johnny Galecki Johnny Galecki - Leonard Hofstadter
Jim Parsons Jim Parsons - Sheldon Cooper
Kaley Cuoco Kaley Cuoco - Penny Hofstadter
Simon Helberg Simon Helberg - Howard Wolowitz
Kunal Nayyar Kunal Nayyar - Raj Koothrappali
Mayim Bialik Mayim Bialik - Amy Farrah Fowler
Melissa Rauch Melissa Rauch - Bernadette Rostenkowski
Kevin Sussman Kevin Sussman - Stuart Bloom
Riki Lindhome Riki Lindhome - Ramona Nowitzki

The only time in season 10 where Sheldon does his usual knocking routine.

According to Mayim Bialik, tears are spilled in the rehearsal of the last scene.

Stuart reveals that both his spleen and gallbladder have been medically removed.

Sheldon suggests two "shocking" New Jersey topics of conversation to Amy: that the New Jersey state bird is the Eastern goldfinch, and the murder rate, which is never explicitly stated, but is implied to be high.

This episode was taped on April 25, 2017.

Sheldon proposed to Amy in this episode. Three days after the airing Jim Parsons (Sheldon) married his longtime boyfriend, of 14 years, Todd Spiewak on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at the Rainbow Room in New York.

Sheldon proposes to Amy.

Reviews: [7]

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    I was getting very angry when this episode started. It looked like the show was going to put another Monkey Wrench in the Sheldon/Amy relationship. This is an annoying plot device that "Killed Frasier"! That show played out the Niles and Daphne.

    This episode took an unexpected turn. And was a nice surprise! It made me happy.

    What I really enjoyed was how the group of Friends went out of the way to protect Amy. I thought it was a huge evolution on how the group treats Amy. They love her and I thought "Wow How Great".

    The episode wasn't joke after joke that got laughs. Instead of playing just for laughs the show played on emotions! It was one the shows best episodes ever! For show that has had over 200 episodes that is amazing.

    Can't Wait For Season 11!!!
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    As someone else pointed out this episode was memorable for the one liners but it was memorable because it was an episode that deal with emotions and the writer and cast proved that they are worth the money they are making.

    I thought for sure Sheldon and Amy were going to be on the outs again (Shades of Ross and Rachel) but the show fooled me and I was grateful.

    What was really struck upon watching this episode again "Nobody acted out of character". They all acted and reacted that was consistent with how their respected character have always acted.

    I wish all involved with this show continuing success.
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    After a rather long term of dull and disappointment, this episode brought me laughs and tears. It is just lovely to watch how the gang cared about their friends and got together to protect Sheldon and Amy's love. And a big baby mysophobia like Sheldon decisively taking the long trip alone was just amusing and touching. And the proposal!!! I burst into tears immediately after Amy opened the door. Not sure about Amy's reaction, it left with a big cliffhanger. I hope she would say yes since it would be cliché to put too much drama on this. Anyway, I hope we could have a much better season 11.
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    Swift Summer

    As a long time big bang theory fan this episode is just what we have been waiting for. after Amy begins to work away Sheldon rekindles an old friendship with his former admirer Dr Ramona Nowitzki and Amy doesn't like its at all. this is a brilliant season finally and one of the best endings to a TV show of all time 9/10
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    It's been a long time coming but the show is finally scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    First Howard and Bernadette got married, then Leonard and Penny and now the unthinkable has happened....Sheldon has proposed to Amy!.

    I used to adore the show, still get some great laughs from watching the earlier seasons. That said the past couple of seasons have been concentrating on their separate lives and the plot lines have become boring, for instance the episode where Howard and Bernadette try to get the raccoon out of their hot tub or the guys working on their guidance system in this season. For some reason the writers have forgotten that they're making a sitcom and now are trying to make a soap opera by making the characters pregnant or getting them married off.

    Friends managed to send the characters off in different directions and still be very funny but it seems the Big Bang Theory writers have been less successful. I no longer have belly laughs when I watch this show, only very minor chuckles, which for a sitcom is simply not good enough.

    I have stuck by the sitcom out of loyalty but the final nail in the coffin was the season ten finale, which compelled me to write this review.

    I never thought I'd say this but the show has outstayed its welcome by a couple of years.

    Now that the finale ended with a cliffhanger it seems they'll be at least one more season.

    I can only hope the producers decide that enough is enough and finally pull the plug after the 11th season. Although I am still unsure whether I'll be watching.
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    "The Big Bang" has now finished season 10. Most series that go on that long are usually on life support. "Modern Family" is an example of that and so is "The Middle" and "Workaholics". However "The Big Bang" is still going strong. This year the episodes have not been the greatest however the last 6 were strong shows and the season finale was one of the best episodes the show has ever had.

    Now there has been a few plots the show has stolen from "Friends". They do a little twist on them but writers come-on if your going to steel give the writers from "Friends" story credit.

    The last episode of the year was not "FUNNY" at all! It was emotional for not only for all the characters on the show but the audience as well.

    In a nutshell the characters on "Big Bang" put up a major defense to protect to Amy from a woman who is out to steel Sheldon. It is was something special to watch. You see how far all of them have come in the way they think of Amy and how much they really care about her and Sheldon.

    Again the episode wasn't focused on jokes and innuendo. The show focused on emotions and showing how "Friends are there for you when you need them the most".

    If this episode doesn't get the show an Emmy Nod for writing and the show itself then shame on them. The show is overdue for Emmy Awards.
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    Completed The Finale today and to me the show has lost its freshness,it has been a soap opera for while now. I think the only scenes now i love/ enjoy are which includes Sheldon or Howard/Raj. Rest all of them are so soapy. Story wise : The ending was something i didn't thought would happen s10, may be in S11 or S12. TBBT had almost 24 good episodes in the early Seasons, then it became 15-20 good episodes ,then to 10 good episodes but now its more like 5-10 good episodes a season. Character wise : Sheldon : i think he changed drastically from his older self but still he brings some thing good in the show( his dialogues are more predictable since we all know how he is going to respond). Leonard : i didn't fully liked the character early , and still he hasn't able to change it.(strictly MO). Howard : He is still manages to do something to make you smile. Raj : i am disappointed the way creators treats his character, he is the one character that has been with the main characters continuously since S01e01 but still hasn't improved that much ( a little change this season ), everyone has love affair why don't they give him some good story-line rather than make a fool every now and then. at first it was funny but it is more like "ahh/mmm". penny : She was good in the early season but the charm is decreasing slowly. Bernadette : She is still the same as she was before(almost). love the interaction's she has with Howard. Amy: now i think like why would she come to the show, not because i don't like her character arc, she is good. but she was the main reason that Sheldon changed so much. Stuart : still same no changes at all. once i used to wait for TBBT to arrive but now it doesn't feel like that any more. they should try to include more job based theme rather than family which made this a good show.