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The 5th Kind (2017) HD online

The 5th Kind (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: The 5th Kind
Director: Randall Cropp
Writers: Christopher Cowley,Randall Cropp
Released: 2017
Budget: $5,000
Duration: 1h 12min
Video type: Movie
Three best friends try to get 'internet famous' by filming their own survival show out in the woods. A weekend trip to accomplish this project turns deadly when a mysterious and very foreign visitor ends up in their neck of the woods.


Credited cast:
Zech Johnson Zech Johnson - Jonas
Sean Taylor Sean Taylor - Damian
Randall Cropp Randall Cropp - Matthew
Jeremy Michael Pereira Jeremy Michael Pereira - Rhodes
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Christopher Cowley Christopher Cowley - Hunter
Harold Dennis Harold Dennis - 1SG Johnson
Gemma Garcia Gemma Garcia - Rachel
Chelsea Taylor Leech Chelsea Taylor Leech - Karen
August Lysy August Lysy - Conspiracy Theorist
Walt Sloan Walt Sloan - Andrew Taylor
Joette Waters Joette Waters - Lisa

This is Randall Cropp's directorial debut and he self funded the entire project.

Reviews: [15]

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    This movie is so terrible that i legitimately took the time to download the IMDb app, and create an account just so that I could warn people not to watch this trash pile of a movie. I sat through the first 30 minutes bored out of my mind. It was so slow paced that when I fast forwarded it 20 minutes nothing new had happened at all. The interview segments were boring, confusing, and grating. Noting interesting happened until there was only like 15 minutes left of the movie, and then it was not well scripted and difficult to understand what was even supposed to be happening. All together this movie was the worst thing I've ever seen. It doesn't engross you, in fact for most of the time you feel like you're watching your old cringe worthy middle school vlogs you and your friends made to be cool. I can't believe I wasted part of my life watching this eye vomit of a movie. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.
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    I understand it's an indie film and usually I can push through rough acting if the story is interesting enough, but this was a snooze fest. The cutting away from the found footage to random "interviews" throughout was severely overused; anytime the tension and momentum built up, it cuts away to a witness interview or an interview with an official. Each long winded and not well acted (the interviewer is particular grating). Skip this one. There are better entries into the found footage genre worth your time.
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    At its best found-footage horror can be exciting, tense & scare filled but at its worst it can be…The Fifth Kind. With no redeeming features, The Fifth Kind breaks the cardinal rule of horror…don't be boring. Seriously…when are horror writers & directors going to realize that we don't want actors playing themselves. The whole reason we watch movies, watch horror is to be transported to another world. A world where anything can happen, where characters are larger then life & the situations they're in both shocking & imaginative. Watching this movie is not fun. It's not interesting, it's not good horror! This movie…its story? It is absurd. Poorly acted, poorly filmed & poorly written, The Fifth Kind has zero redeeming features. It's boring & so unoriginal everyone involved should hang their heads in shame. This story is so poor that anything would have been preferable. I want my money back.
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    This movie is so ridiculously bad that it's shocking that anyone ever thought this was going to turn out even tolerable. The acting is dreadful, the plot is nowhere to be found and it doesn't even begin to make sense. The film has some of the most horrendous acting ever. It's a generic found footage film except it spices the formula up by making it extra dreadful. They managed to take a dump on any merit the original concept of found footage ever had. LIKE WHAT IS EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE GOING ON!? Miss this one.
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    There's not a lot to say. The acting is terrible. The film is a bore; it's seriously a real snooze-fest. I would say this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life, and it might be. I used to think that "The Room" was one of the worst movies ever made, but I think this movie sucks more than "The Room". Again, there's not really much to say about this stupid film. It's nothing like The Blair Witch Project. It's nothing like Paranormal Activity. It's not even worthy of being called a found-footage movie. Avoid this film. There are better things to watch.
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    I enjoy low-budget movies and laugh at all the bad acting. This one is no different. It's a short one - just over an hour - so you won't feel you've wasted your whole evening. This one is pretty corny, but I liked the found footage scenes in the woods. Didn't care for the spliced in "interviews" and the interviewer was the worst actor ever - you have to laugh! Watch this just to make fun of him!
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    I do not usually write reviews if there is more than one but this is a joke. It is been a while since I do not see a garbage like this one, even Hungerford (2014) I voted with a 2/10.

    The acting is the worst of all the movie and I only would save the hot guy, I think is Jonas-the guy with the rope-, normally the typical hot guy is a plus but here it did not save the movie whatsoever.

    Fifty minutes or more of nothing and then fifteen or so of... let's say Horror.
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    The 5th Kind is a low-budget, found-footage style Scifi / Horror flick. The movie consists of the actors in the forest and actors interviewing/being interviewed.

    The actors in the forest are pretty good -- the acting was believable and there was definitely charisma between the actors. The interview sessions were grating to say the least -- the main interviewer was overacting and his delivery was quite annoying, and the tone of the interviews didn't really match up to the dialogue.

    The visual and auditory effects throughout the movie were well done, though the camera cut away far too quickly for my tastes. The actors reacted to the visual and auditory effects in a believable manner as well.

    What hurts this movie is its pacing. There are exhilarating parts, but instead of growing on those and continuing to build the suspense and dread, the movie instead cuts away to another scene, be it an interview, or the following day. The movie doesn't capitalize on the suspense that it generates.

    This movie doesn't live up to its 7-star rating on IMDB, but at 72 minutes long, it goes by quickly, and it's definitely worth a watch.
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    I'm sorry, but I don't normally get harsh on a movie because everyone tries to add their own twists to what they create. And I could understand what they were trying to accomplish in this found footage film. But they went entirely too long on the character introductions, and attempting to establish the plot that everyone around me lost interest. The cutaway clips with the conspiracy theorists and his interviews were absolutely horrendous acting jobs, and they should be ashamed of their work. Little own ever should have made it out of editing. The footage in the woods got to be confusing in some areas, like when one of the guys attacked the hunter. The next thing I knew, they were walking off like buddies. Possession maybe? But in the same instance, the guy filming and running for his life is not even 10 feet away while this is going down and what I would think is in view. Again head scratchers! In all, I just pretty much told you the entire movie so go enjoy something else.
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    Like all great found footage horror films, 5th KIND utilizes simplicity and naturalism to deliver som very scary goods. I mean, we're talking talented actors, good script, solid direction, twists, scify, and the woods... There's nothing scarier than the woods! Anyway, 5th KIND is fun, inventive and pretty damn scary. It is a horror film after all. It's a must-watch if you're a horror fan. Bravo!
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    I really enjoyed this movie! If you're in the mood for a creepy alien movie, this is it. Definitely reminds me of The Blair Witch Project and has that eerie "don't go into the woods" feel. Was dragged in by the characters story line and became invested quickly. The cinematography was well done and the effects were great and had me believing the cameras were truly glitching. Well done, guys!
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    At 11:08 you can clearly see a man playing pool at the bar to the untrained eye this seems normal however later on you learn this man is actually a hunter. Is this a plot hole or a deeper conspiracy watch the movie and decide for yourself
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    This movie is like a nice ocean breeze across a long stretch of beach.
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    Hear ye, hear ye, this here 'movie' is a delicacy in Singapore. Us folk watch it 'round the clock. Us even got 'er installed on the ship. I'm the Captain of this here vessel, now dubbed the '5th Kind.' I hope ye find yer treasure in this here movie experience, matey.
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    Super P

    Spent more time building the characters than actually setting up the plot. And didn't do a very good job with that. Why does this have a 7.0 rating? That's the only reason I watched it.