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La cage aux rossignols (1945) HD online

La cage aux rossignols (1945) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Music
Original Title: La cage aux rossignols
Director: Jean Dréville
Writers: Georges Chaperot,Noël-Noël
Released: 1945
Duration: 1h 29min
Video type: Movie
"La Cage aux rossignols" (A Cage of Nightingales) is the title of an autobiographical book that a young writer try to publish, which would allow him to marry so charming Martine. Under a pseudonym, Clement's book is published in La Dépêche a daily newspaper that publishes novels as serials. Martine can read the novel to her mother (voice-over). Story of this music lover, supervisor of a boarding reserved for young offenders who asks only to discover the joys of music by forming a choir. But Clément does not have only friends. The director of the institution, man petty and narrow-minded, never misses an opportunity to throw a spanner in the works...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Noël-Noël Noël-Noël - Clément Mathieu
Micheline Francey Micheline Francey - Micheline
René Génin René Génin - Le père Maxence
René Blancard René Blancard - Monsieur Rachin
Marguerite Ducouret Marguerite Ducouret - La mère de Micheline
Marcelle Praince Marcelle Praince - La présidente
Marthe Mellot Marthe Mellot - Mère Marie
Michel François Michel François - Eloi Lequerec
Georges Paulais Georges Paulais - Monsieur Langlois
André Nicolle André Nicolle - Monsieur de la Prade
Richard Francoeur Richard Francoeur - Monsieur de Mazère
Georges Jamin Georges Jamin - Régent (as Jamin)
Henry Prestat Henry Prestat - (as Prestat)
Jean Morel Jean Morel - Le nouveau directeur (as Morel)
Henri Coutet Henri Coutet - (as Coutet)

The film was the co-winner of the Prix Désiré, awarded for the first and only time in 1944. The other co-winner was Children of Paradise (1945).

This film's earliest documented USA telecast took place in Cincinnati Sunday 9 October 1949 on WKRC (Channel 11).

Micheline Francey's character in this film is also named Micheline.

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    It is, of course, impossible to discuss this film without acknowledging that had it not provided the central premise of Les Choristes, which was a huge International hit, then it is almost certain it would not have been reissued. Given the success of Les Choristes and the publicity, especially in France, for the reissue I'm surprised that there are only two reviews here on IMDb. Neither is very positive and one, written by a good friend of mine, is largely negative. It isn't the first time we have disagreed about a film and it is very possible that as an Englishman who loves French cinema from Silents to the present day (with the exception of the new wavelet, on which we ARE in agreement) I tend to over-praise it because we see so little of it in England whereas a native Frenchman can see classic French films virtually daily on TV so may well become jaded. Putting it another way, I enjoyed this film; I enjoyed it because virtually the entire cast are completely unknown outside France albeit the female lead appeared in a couple of films like Le Corbeau which WAS screened Internationally but not prominently and thus it gave me a rare chance to savour fine French acting. Apart from the leading character forming a group of unruly schoolboys into a choir the two films have little in common. In 'Cage', the leading man is a frustrated writer whose memoirs, entitled La Cage aux rossignols, are rejected by several publishers and only see the light of day via a plot by his friends. The bulk of the film is a flashback and he already has a fiancée rather than falling in unrequited love with the mother of a pupil as in Les Choristes. I spend a large part of my life seeking out French films from the thirties, forties and to a lesser extent the fifties and when I find one of this quality I am apt to rejoice rather than be too critical.
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    adventure time

    This movie features a bunch of children locked up in a reform school under a nasty headmaster's thumb;then comes a very nice human supervisor played by Noël-Noël .And presto ,the naughty brats become angels with golden voices who set up a choir ,and the distinguished old ladies who visit the school are on cloud nine ,well,you get the picture.

    First thing to bear in mind is that these children were professional singers:all of them were part of "les petits chanteurs à la croix de bois" (the little singers with the wooden cross),so do not be fooled,the supervisor is not in any way responsible for their prowesses. Well the plot is not unlike "going my way" ,except that the main actor is not a singer like Bing Crosby.This mushy weepie ,which seems sometimes unbearable -but not more than,say,"dead poets society"-,is typical Occupation cinema ,the likes of "le voile bleu".It's a return to good old morality:individuality is condemned,everyone must be part of the group,the choir becoming a transparent metaphor .The ending in the church is almost sirkesque.

    Remade (or almost) as "les choristes"