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Kerstas Suspicion (2011–2015) HD online

Kerstas Suspicion (2011–2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Suspicion
Director: Bethany Rooney
Writers: Mike Kelley,Salvatore Stabile
Released: 2011–2015
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
Nolan is horrified to find the 'new' Amanda Clark didn't move overseas but is seducing Jack, and 'Emily' fails to keep her promise to deal with her alter-ego, despite calling in her Japanese mentor Hitaki. Daniel looses the dare his father posed, with full commission at stake, to him and Tylerto land the first fat cat at a fancy investors party. Nolan, who already caught his gay lover 'borrowing' his credit-card, pledges $20,000,000 to make Tyler 'win' and sink the remainder of his friendship with Daniel. Declan pretends to accepts Victoria's bribe offer to dump Charlotte, but telling her only decides her to move out, leaving Victoria alone with time bomb Lydia.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Madeleine Stowe Madeleine Stowe - Victoria Grayson
Emily VanCamp Emily VanCamp - Emily Thorne (as Emily Vancamp)
Gabriel Mann Gabriel Mann - Nolan Ross
Henry Czerny Henry Czerny - Conrad Grayson
Ashley Madekwe Ashley Madekwe - Ashley Davenport
Nick Wechsler Nick Wechsler - Jack Porter
Josh Bowman Josh Bowman - Daniel Grayson
Connor Paolo Connor Paolo - Declan Porter
Christa B. Allen Christa B. Allen - Charlotte Grayson
James Tupper James Tupper - David Clarke
Ashton Holmes Ashton Holmes - Tyler Barrol
Margarita Levieva Margarita Levieva - Amanda Clarke
Cassius M. Willis Cassius M. Willis - Detective Robert Gunther (as Cassius Willis)
Amber Valletta Amber Valletta - Lydia Davis
Hiroyuki Sanada Hiroyuki Sanada - Satoshi Takeda

Emily VanCamp revealed in an interview that, due to time constraints and her lack of familiarity with the language, during her scenes with Hiroyuki Sanada (Satoshi Takeda), he would tape signs with her Japanese lines to his chest.

Emily was only given a day to learn martial arts and her Japanese dialogue.

Last time the title sequence is shown as a plain black background with white lettering. From following episode, it is the much more dramatic stormy ocean and glowing moon.

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    Emily reminiscent of a tigress in that flimsy striped see-through shirt. Curvy Margarita Levieva lounging on the yacht's deck in a skimpy red string bikini. Long-legged Ashley Madekwe tottering about like a baby giraffe as usual. Class with a capital C with young Crista B. Allen, my favorite, as the hot-blooded young heiress. And Madeline Stowe every bit the impressive Grand Lady of the Manor, every bit still the dynamite no-nonsense lady of STAKEOUT, WORTH WINNING and BAD GIRLS, not to mention the other REVENGE. The Hollywood air agreed with her, obviously.

    The show doesn't lack in charm. It has got it all. With the hindsight of knowing that there is to be 89 episodes, I'm just wondering, how thin is this bubble-gum to be stretched? Surely this premise is a mini-series or a single season, okay, perhaps two, but even that would be a stretch... Yet, four seasons?

    It needs a touch more zing. They are on the right track, make no mistake, I can see that. But they need something to really win me over. Something to make it truly great. It lacks that right now.