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Dark Mirror (1984) HD online

Dark Mirror (1984) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Dark Mirror
Director: Richard Lang
Writers: Corey Blechman,Nunnally Johnson
Released: 1984
Duration: 2h
Video type: Movie
After attorney Frank Girard is murdered, Detective Al Church (Vincent Gardenia) suspects that Ms. Leigh Cullen (Jane Seymour) is the perpetrator, as she was supposedly last seen with the man. However, after Leigh's alleged twin sister, Tracy, shows up at the police line-up with Leigh, Church is left puzzled and with no specific suspect to pinpoint. Therefore, Church asks Psychiatrist Dr. Jim Eiseley (Stephen Collins), an acquaintance of Leigh's, to evaluate the sisters and run tests on them in hopes of filtering out the murderer. However, Eiseley's increasing involvement with Leigh complicates things with Tracy in the picture.
Cast overview:
Jane Seymour Jane Seymour - Leigh Cullen / Tracy Cullen
Stephen Collins Stephen Collins - Dr. Jim Eiseley
Vincent Gardenia Vincent Gardenia - Detective Al Church
Hank Brandt Hank Brandt - Girard
Reid Cruickshanks Reid Cruickshanks - Avery
Robert DoQui Robert DoQui - Higgens
Ty Henderson Ty Henderson - Wittman
Jack Kruschen Jack Kruschen - Smithson
Bill Quinn Bill Quinn - Mr. Bennett
Cathleen Cordell Cathleen Cordell - Mrs. Bennett

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