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Trap on Cougar Mountain (1972) HD online

Trap on Cougar Mountain (1972) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Western
Original Title: Trap on Cougar Mountain
Director: Keith Larsen
Writers: Erik Larsen,Keith Larsen
Released: 1972
Duration: 1h 34min
Video type: Movie
A mountain boy takes it upon himself to protect wild animals from hunters and trappers.
Credited cast:
Keith Larsen Keith Larsen
Karen Steele Karen Steele
Eric Larsen Eric Larsen
Erik Larsen Erik Larsen
Alvin Keeswold Alvin Keeswold
Randy Burt Randy Burt
Lawrence J. Rink Lawrence J. Rink
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Gary Barrick Gary Barrick
Dwayne Couraud Dwayne Couraud
Jay Crawford Jay Crawford
Doc Engler Doc Engler
William E. Graves William E. Graves
Gerard A. Hoddenback Gerard A. Hoddenback
Leon F. Lewis Leon F. Lewis
Mike Naegle Mike Naegle

Reviews: [2]

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    The acting in this movie was decent. Even the child actors did a decent job of delivering their lines. The script is a bit odd, though, as is some of the camera-work. For example, in some scenes the characters appear to be very far away from each other, yet they can communicate without shouting. Further, when each character speaks in these scenes, the camera abruptly cuts to whoever is speaking (which adds to the feeling that the characters are nowhere near each other, because the speaker is the only one in the shot). As far as the script, the ending is pretty confusing and I didn't realize the movie was over until I saw the credits roll. The director also spliced in many random shots of wild animals, which I guess is okay in a movie geared at kids. At least the footage of the animals is great. I also enjoyed the '70s-style dress and soundtrack. The dad's eyeglasses are awesome. Plus, at one point some kids put on a school play and their costumes all look like one big acid trip. The school play has some heavy environmental messages that would make Captain Planet smile.
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    I just saw this movie last night and while it had a noble theme running through it-'Be Kind to the Animals' some parts just didn't make sense. For instance, the main character, Erik, who is supposed to love animals beyond life itself, neglects to take care of the ones that he has. While Erik Larsen is not a professional actor, he had an endearing quality to him that helped save this picture from being a total waste of time. I must say however, that if we had a taken one more trip up "to the high country" I would have screamed like a woman! The movie went on too long and they should have should considered script problems. The best part-Erik Larsen was believable.