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In Search of Quiet (1913) HD online

In Search of Quiet (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: In Search of Quiet
Writers: Fay Wallace
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
Robert Morton, a popular young novelist, is unable to finish a novel he is working on because of the amount of noise made by the erection of a new building next door, and hastily departs for an old hunting lodge in the mountains that he has owned for some time. He absent-mindedly neglects to make any arrangement for food or supplies on his arrival, and lands at the lodge hot, dirty and dusty from a long tramp from the railroad station in the nearby village. Unknown to him, the entire county is in terror because of an escaped convict. To complicate matters, a young girl has been using the lodge as a daily reading and lounging place, Morton has brought some shabby but comfortable old clothes for his stay while finishing his book, and dressed in them, meets the girl. He is ravenous for food by this time, and promptly requests her to tell him where he can obtain food in the neighborhood. He also tells her that he does not wish to be disturbed by callers. She jumps to the romantic ...
Cast overview:
Matt Moore Matt Moore - Robert Morton, a Novelist
Jane Gail Jane Gail

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    A two-reel comedy-drama, written by Fay Wallace. This type of story, in plot and handling, is one that is always successful with the average audience. It has tone and quality, the situations are fresh and original, and the characterizations good. Matt Moore and Jane Gail are pleasing in the leading roles. Miss Gail shows unusual animation and personal charm. Tlie pursuit of the auto with a motorcycle was nicely done. An especially good comedy offering. - The Moving Picture World, August 23, 1913