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TS Love Stories (2016) HD online

TS Love Stories (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Adult / Drama / Romance
Original Title: TS Love Stories
Director: Dana Vespoli
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 27min
Video type: Creative Work
Transsensual is proud to present this collection of four passionate vignettes featuring beautiful TS girls with Cis men. Gorgeous, snobby Jessica Fox is impatient with assistant Chad Diamond, until he confesses his devotion to her...Aubrey Kate discovers that she and her blind date, Ruckus have nothing in common, until she lets her guard down...Stefani Special doesn't understand where boyfriend Billie Ramos' fighting ability came from, after he beats up a jerk who was hitting on her at a party. Billie reveals his secret, and the lovers share a tender moment...Finally, emo teen Kory Houston hits on his tutor Mara Nova and feels his darkness fall away.
Cast overview:
Jessica Fox Jessica Fox
Stefani Special Stefani Special - Stefani
Mara Nova Mara Nova
Aubrey Kate Aubrey Kate - Aubrey
Chad Diamond Chad Diamond - Chad
Ruckus Ruckus - Crispin
Billie Ramos Billie Ramos
Kory Houston Kory Houston - Kory

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    Dana Vespoli is making in-roads and adding her distinctive personal touch to Nica Noelle's ground-breaking Transsensual label, and this series of 4 vignettes hits the spot.

    The director appears (uncredited) on screen in the final story to tell exotic-looking Mara Nova about troubled Kory Houston at a youth center. The dissimilar pair hits it off, and the resulting sex scene is very impressive. He's sort of a goth kid, obsessed with death and Dana throws in a movie in-joke that watching Gaspar Noe's film "Irreversible" starring Monica Bellucci caused him to become a nihilist, no longer interested in living.

    Most striking segment has the amazing TS star Jessica Fox, who I first saw in a terrible exploitation porn feature about Native American girls having sex with cowboys in the Old West (!), terrific as a mean-spirited diva who bosses Chad Diamond around, finding fault in his work straightening up her closet. She later catches him cross-dressing in her clothing, and punishes him by pegging and humiliating him, but of course Chad loves it, this being a porn film. He's a regular assistant on Vespoli's Evil Angel projects.

    Stefani Special brings something special to her vignette, playing a redhead angry at her man Billie Ramos, who beat up a guy out of jealousy during their date one night. This segment reinforces my esteem for Vespoli having mastered a new art form (which I attribute to the late writer J.G. Ballard) of "condensed narrative". She packs 30 or 40 minutes of story into just a minute and a half in the dense, well- written set-up to this scene, so that Billie & Stefanie can hump for the requisite following 20 minutes (suitable for streaming).

    Remaining episode features Aubrey Kate, arguably tops in her field, and certainly the marquee bait shown topless on the DVD front cover. She's on a blind date with Crispin (great character name, as Dana doesn't always default to stage names as character names), who turns out to be a relatively far-out stereotype: tattooed all over, a Vegan, no car and no money for a proper Aubrey-appropriate dinner at Nobu). The old opposites attract kicks in and soon Ruckus, an alt-porn actor previously in Dana's adventurous films like "Girl/Boy 2" is humping away on Kate with orgasms for all.

    By not treating her actors as freaks, and creating interesting characters and situations for them, Vespoli and mentor Nica Nolle are creating a new genre in Adult Cinema, one I consider significant on the road to ultimately breaking down marketing & audience barriers that prevent multiple gender genres (e.g. boy/girl, girl/girl AND boy/boy) from all coexisting within a single feature.