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Lucifer's Bride 3: Born Again Lucifer (2016) HD online

Lucifer's Bride 3: Born Again Lucifer (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Luciferu0027s Bride 3: Born Again Lucifer
Director: Zoi Florosz
Writers: Kevin Davis,Kevin Davis
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h
Video type: Movie
Heaven is in grave danger...seriously. Lucifer and one of his trifling wives have somehow managed to bring their personal drama up to Heaven and God, and will obviously be needing a full dosing of angelic relief. God reluctantly makes a deal with Lucifer; in order to remain in Heaven...he must be baptized. The question soon becomes "Where does one go if their death occurred in Hell??" Hence a chess match ensues between God and Lucifer as we learn of a Theological Mole. Never a dull moment.
Credited cast:
Jolie Chan Jolie Chan - Grand Canyon the Prostitute
Marc I. Daniels Marc I. Daniels - Buck Storms
Anissa Smith Anissa Smith - Stacy Mills
Matt Bruzzio Matt Bruzzio - Kenny Cadaver
Felicia Garcia Felicia Garcia - Candy the Prostitute
Georgie De Lahoz Georgie De Lahoz - Damballa the Voodoo Serpent Priest / Ross Reed
Margaret Scura Margaret Scura - a Devil & Dead Diana (You're Haunted Host)
Delano Riley Delano Riley - Lucifer
Candy Fox Candy Fox - Darlene Storms (as Candy Predham)
Leah Addari Leah Addari - Cherry the Cherub
Leslie Lowe Leslie Lowe - Tarot Card Reader
Paul Notice Paul Notice - Father Daryl Washington
Joe Crow Ryan Joe Crow Ryan - Adam the Atheist
Fantoly Nikolett Fantoly Nikolett - Hole Dancer
Kevin Davis Kevin Davis - Chris MacDonald / The Succubus

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