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Agni Parikshya (1954) HD online

Agni Parikshya (1954) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Romance
Original Title: Agni Parikshya
Director: Agradoot
Writers: Nitai Bhattacharya,Ashapurna Devi
Released: 1954
Duration: 2h
Video type: Movie
This story revolves around a young couple - Kiriti and Tapasi. Tapasi's mother could not accept her daughter's wedding and brought her home. Tapasi's father dies of shock. Tapasi being well educated goes to a hill station for holidaying and meets a rich young man, named Kiriti. They fall in love. However Tapasi had wedded Bulu, a teenage village zamindar boy. A guilty feeling chases her every day because she cannot forget her past. She decides to get married again, but her brother reminds her about her past though her mother wants the marriage to happen. Tapasi approaches her grandmother for help asks her what she ought to do. Her grandmother reminds her about Sita's "Agni pariksha" in Ramayan. Sita triumphed over every obstacle by the test. She hopes Tapasi would also emerge victorious after going through a similar test. Tapasi is determined to face the truth and she cames to the old village. She tries to meet Bulu, but sees Kiriti in front of her. She comes to know that Kiriti is ...
Credited cast:
Uttam Kumar Uttam Kumar
Suchitra Sen Suchitra Sen
Chandrabati Devi Chandrabati Devi
Kamal Mitra Kamal Mitra
Suprova Mukerjee Suprova Mukerjee
Jahar Ganguli Jahar Ganguli
Anup Kumar Anup Kumar
Reba Bose Reba Bose
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sikharani Bag Sikharani Bag
Bibhu Bhattacharya Bibhu Bhattacharya - (as Master Bibhu)
Bireshwar Bhattacharya Bireshwar Bhattacharya
Jayanta Bhattacharya Jayanta Bhattacharya
Panchanan Bhattacharya Panchanan Bhattacharya
Sabita Bhattacharya Sabita Bhattacharya
Manoj Biswas Manoj Biswas

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    One of the best Bengali movies ever made..abt a girl who gets married to a guy while they are both teenagers. after the wedding they don't see each other for a long long time. when she grows up she falls in love with man but is reminded of her past. great movie!