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The Power of Heredity (1913) HD online

The Power of Heredity (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: The Power of Heredity
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
A young mother, the wife of a dissolute husband, a sailor, is deserted and goes back to service. The Delmars live in the country, and finding it difficult to keep servants, are glad to employ the young girl when she, with her baby, applies to them for a position. The young mother sickens and dies. A letter found among her effects, shows the Delmars it is useless to expect aid from her husband. They decide to adopt the infant and keep her birth a secret. Eighteen years later we see the girl arriving from school. She promptly falls in love with the butler, thus proving the power of heredity. The butler proves to be a man of resources. He saves the young girl's life in a heroic manner, and she, confiding in her diary, declares, "I must have a yellow streak; I'm in love with the butler." Later the old sailor returns. The sight of home scenes awaken his heart and he claims his child, Marie. After seeing her real father, she seeks the butler and introduces the men to each other. She then ...
Cast overview:
Joseph Singleton Joseph Singleton - Mr. Del Mar
Stella Adams Stella Adams - Mrs. Del Mar
Margarita Fischer Margarita Fischer - Marie
Robert Z. Leonard Robert Z. Leonard - The Butler

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    An interesting film story with Robert Leonard and Marguerita Fisher in the leading roles. The girl, adopted from a family low in the social scale, proceeds to fall in love with the handsome butler. He turns out to be a hero and quite worthy of her. The part of the father was overdone, particularly in the matter of makeup, and the closing scene, while perhaps characteristic, was a drawback to the picture. As a whole the offering is successful. - The Moving Picture World, August 2, 1913