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The Governor's Ghost (1914) HD online

The Governor's Ghost (1914) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: The Governoru0027s Ghost
Director: Will S. Davis
Released: 1914
Video type: Movie
Stuart Homer, backed by the reform party, runs for the assembly. Rev. Richard Walters and his son, Horace, aid him. Homer wants his sister, Alice, knowing nothing of her love affair with Jefferson Blair, a young lawyer. Helen, Homer's wife, knows, however, and opposes the match and an elopement is planned. Helen finds Blair's note to Alice, reading simply, "Come to my bungalow. I love you. We will go away together. Believe me, sincerely, Jeff." Determined to prevent this, Helen starts for his bungalow alone, Homer being at the political meeting. Alice, on her way to Blair, crosses an old bridge to avoid being seen by Walters, who happens in that vicinity. The bridge falls, throwing her unconscious in a deep ravine, where she is exposed to the storm until found by strangers and later brought home. Helen is seen by Walters entering Blair's bungalow. Forming an unjust conclusion, Walters hurries to Homer at the meeting. Homer, not knowing of Blair's love for Alice, goes to the bungalow. ...
Cast overview:
Marie Boyd Marie Boyd - Mary
Stuart Holmes Stuart Holmes - Mary's Father
Edith Hallor Edith Hallor - Mary's Mother, Helen Smith
Will S. Davis Will S. Davis - The Detective
Jack Hopkins Jack Hopkins - Horace Walters
Hugh Jeffrey Hugh Jeffrey - Mary's Suitor

Motography lists the film as three reels, but Moving Picture World lists it as four reels, even though a Ramo advertisement on page 387 claims it's three reels; a detailed review in Moving Picture World on page 1076, 28 February 1914, describes it as four reels.