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Low-Pull Artist  HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Biography / Drama
Original Title: Low-Pull Artist
Duration: 46min
Video type: Movie
'Low-Pull Artist' is a real story about a real person, Charles Case and his extraordinary journey through life. It takes the viewer from his early childhood where he witness the death of his mother to his middle years of reckless skydiving and miraculous escapes from death as a low-pull artist (holding the rip cord to the final split second before deploying his parachute in time to save himself) through increasingly violent behavior and a turn to salvation as a born-again Christian. It is a story about the pain of loss and how one individual copes with his life attempting to dispel the demons and find peace. It is a common story in our country today as millions of struggling Americans turn to religion as a spiritual refuge from the fierceness of capitalism and all its material manifestations.