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Avenging Waters (1936) HD online

Avenging Waters (1936) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Western
Original Title: Avenging Waters
Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet
Writers: Nate Gatzert,Nate Gatzert
Released: 1936
Duration: 56min
Video type: Movie
Mortimer build a fence for the cattle brought by Ken Morley. To retaliate, Slater who wants access to the land, builds a dam cutting off Mortimer's water supply. When Ken confronts Slater, he is captured. Then lightning destroys the dam and Ken, imprisoned in a shack, is in the path of the oncoming surge of water.
Complete credited cast:
Ken Maynard Ken Maynard - Ken Morley
Beth Marion Beth Marion - Mary Mortimer
Ward Bond Ward Bond - Marve Slater
John Elliott John Elliott - Charles Mortimer
Zella Russell Zella Russell - Aunt Eloise Smythe
Hal Taliaferro Hal Taliaferro - Slivers (as Wally Wales)

Modern sources include Edmund Cobb and Sterling Holloway in the cast, but they were not seen in the movie.

One of over a hundred Columbia features, mostly Westerns, sold to Hygo Television Films in the 1950s, who marketed them under the name of Gail Pictures; opening credits were redesigned, with some titles misspelled, the credit order of the players rearranged, some names misspelled, and new end titles attached, thus eliminating any evidence of their Columbia roots. Apparently, the original material was not retained in most of the cases, and the films have survived, even in the Sony library, only with these haphazardly created replacement opening and end credits.