» » L'@mour est à réinventer Enceinte ou lesbienne? (1996– )

L'@mour est à réinventer Enceinte ou lesbienne? (1996– ) HD online

L'@mour est à réinventer Enceinte ou lesbienne? (1996– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Comedy
Original Title: Enceinte ou lesbienne?
Director: Françoise Decaux-Thomelet
Writers: Françoise Decaux-Thomelet,Françoise Decaux-Thomelet
Released: 1996–
Duration: 5min
Video type: TV Episode
A daughter comes down to breakfast. As she prepares to come out to her parents, everything goes in slow motion. She stands and addresses her parents with a question: Am I pregnant or a lesbian? Her mother slaps her, then guesses that she's pregnant. She says no and reveals that she's a lesbian. Suddenly her parents, behind a seat cushion, whisper to each other. The father blames the mother for being a too lenient a parent. Then the mother blames the father for having wanted a son and setting a bad example that has made their daughter afraid of men. Recomposing themselves and in solidarity, they accept and express their love for their daughter. The mother asks if she has anything against boys, if her discovery was recent and about her daughter's friend Sophia. Her daughter acknowledges that she has no problem with boys, is in love with Sophia, and has always known that she's a lesbian. Her mother expresses that she was looking forward to grandchildren. Her daughter says that she may ...
Episode complete credited cast:
Bérénice Bejo Bérénice Bejo - La fille
Marina Tomé Marina Tomé - La mère
Gérard Touratier Gérard Touratier - Le père