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Supercar Keep It Cool (1961–1962) HD online

Supercar Keep It Cool (1961–1962) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Family / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Keep It Cool
Director: Alan Pattillo
Writers: Gerry Anderson,Reg Hill
Released: 1961–1962
Duration: 26min
Video type: TV Episode
Dr Beaker is escorting a dangerous load of explosives when Masterspy sets a trap that forces the truck carrying the load to first become lost then disabled. While the temperature stays below 10 degrees Celsius, there will be no issues with the explosives. With dawn approaching and the refrigeration unit running out of power Supercar launches a desperate rescue attempt
Episode cast overview:
Graydon Gould Graydon Gould - Mike Mercury (voice)
David Graham David Graham - Dr. Horatio Beaker / Mitch the Monkey / Bill Gibson / Zarin (voice)
George Murcell George Murcell - Professor Rudolph Popkiss / Masterspy (voice)