» » Fantasma: Noroi no yakata Episode #1.5 (2004– )

Fantasma: Noroi no yakata Episode #1.5 (2004– ) HD online

Fantasma: Noroi no yakata Episode #1.5 (2004– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Horror
Original Title: Episode #1.5
Director: Tsuyoshi Ihara
Released: 2004–
Video type: TV Episode
It blooms in the morning, only to die in the afternoon, and for Risa summer had just dawned. Things were finally falling into place for Risa: she was in fashion school, and with a little help from her friend Asami, she had finally asked out her longtime crush Shota. To prepare for their first date at a fireworks show, she had even bought a yukata with the most brilliant design: a morning glory. And with that purchase, the things that had once come together so well, would begin to fall apart. Plagued by the unseen... Stalked by death... Risa will soon come to realize that her yukata has something to do with this. But can she escape its curse? Or will her summer find a horrible end?
Episode credited cast:
Saki Kagami Saki Kagami