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Itji mothal mojeong (1974) HD online

Itji mothal mojeong (1974) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Itji mothal mojeong
Director: Gyu-woong Lee
Writers: Kenji Keira,No-hun Son
Released: 1974
Duration: 1h 56min
Video type: Movie
After the death of her kindly and protective grandmother, Yeong-ah learns that she was adopted and her abusive, unhappy family is not her real one so she sets out to locate her birth mother.
Cast overview:
In-suk Ahn In-suk Ahn
Jin Kyu Kim Jin Kyu Kim
Jeong-suk Moon Jeong-suk Moon
Ji-hwan Min Ji-hwan Min
Kyeong-su Kim Kyeong-su Kim