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Full House The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang (1987–1995) HD online

Full House The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang (1987–1995) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Family
Original Title: The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang
Director: Joel Zwick
Writers: Jeff Franklin,Craig Heller
Released: 1987–1995
Duration: 23min
Video type: TV Episode
Stephanie is enamored of big sister DJ, and attempts to mimic her in dress and actions. A squabble in Danny's bedroom leads to the girls accidentally putting a hole in the wall. They must then work together to cover their mistake. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey work on renovating the attic into Jesse and Becky's new living quarters, but Joey tires of Jesse's haughty attitude.
Episode cast overview:
John Stamos John Stamos - Jesse Katsopolis
Bob Saget Bob Saget - Danny Tanner
Dave Coulier Dave Coulier - Joey Gladstone
Candace Cameron Bure Candace Cameron Bure - D.J. Tanner (as Candace Cameron)
Jodie Sweetin Jodie Sweetin - Stephanie Tanner
Mary-Kate Olsen Mary-Kate Olsen - Michelle Tanner (as Mary Kate Ashley Olsen)
Ashley Olsen Ashley Olsen - Michelle Tanner (as Mary Kate Ashley Olsen)
Lori Loughlin Lori Loughlin - Rebecca Katsopolis
Andrea Barber Andrea Barber - Kimmy Gibbler

"Pat lets Vanna spin the wheel once in a while" is a direct reference to the tv game show, Wheel of Fortune Vanna White also appeara in an episode later in the series called "The Test".

The hole in the wall incident is mentioned in the pilot episode of Fuller House.

Reviews: [3]

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    Sometimes tv episodes can be just as magical as film. What I mean is singular episodes of shows can be great just because. This episode is great at all angles, but me loving this more than most is just because. I cannot explain why.

    Jesse is renovating the attic to be his new home. With little experience and not letting Joey help, hilarity ensues. Meanwhile (this is actually the bulk of the episode), DJ is getting sick of Stephanie following her around. Steph even goes so far as to dress up like a typical woman from the 1980s to blend in with her sister and Kimmy. They try to ditch Stephanie but all goes wrong: DJ goes into her dads closet to grab one of his shirts to wear at the mall but a scuffle with Steph pulls it down. Another scuffle seconds later causes DJ to accidentally put a hole in the wall. Oh no!

    Stephanie dressing like DJ is always funny. I never cared about dressing up like my older sibling, but seeing it here is good. Stephanie bugging Dj has been done in earlier episodes and will be done again in future episodes, but this is the best.
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    Oh man! Danny's gonna be really steamed when he sees that hole in his wall! DJ and Stephanie are toast! And also, I think that it was a really lame idea for DJ and Stephanie to fix that hole in the wall before their dad came home from work just because he was such a neat freak when they know that the stuff they were using to cover that hole wasn't gonna work since it would take a while for it to dry up. Why don't DJ and Stephanie just be straight with their dad? I mean tell him the truth. He would probably be so proud of DJ and Stephanie for telling him the truth that he won't explode at them for ruining his wall.
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    I enjoy this episode. It is just very funny.

    In this episode, Stephanie, wanting to be like big sister D.J., mimics her outfits. Which in one case means taking some of their Dad's clothes. When D.J. and Stephanie get into a fight in their Dad's closet, they accidentally make a hole in the wall. Since Danny is such a neat freak, he'll notice if the furniture has been moved, which makes for a very stressful afternoon for the girls. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey remodel and renovate the attack, so it's liveable for Jesse and Becky. But Jesse gets bossy, which annoys Joey a lot.

    Overall, I give this episode a 7 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Great.