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Officer Murray (1912) HD online

Officer Murray (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Officer Murray
Director: Richard Garrick
Writers: Bailley Lane
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
Officer Murray of the Berry Street Station, is a big-hearted, well-thought-of patrolman in love with his work and his simple home. He incurs the enmity of Joe Slattery, a perverted, prevaricating reporter on the Evening Times. Slattery watches Murray and secures his revenge when the officer is bested by a crowd of young hoodlums whom he is trying to discipline. In the mix-up, Murray loses his star. Slattery gets his paper to print a sensational story which results in Murray being discharged from the force. Slattery's poor old mother, an apple peddler, who has often been befriended by Murray, induces him to secure a job in a nearby candy factory. Murray does so and is soon beloved by all the employees. One day an explosion occurs in the factory and within a few moments the old rattle trap building is one mass of flames. A panic ensues among the employees, who are mostly women and children. Murray takes in the situation, and, with an exhibition of bravery, carries the employees to ...
Cast overview:
Charles Clary Charles Clary - Officer Murray
Winifred Greenwood Winifred Greenwood - Mrs. Murray
Capitola Holmes Capitola Holmes - Little Helen Murray
Timmy Sheehan Timmy Sheehan - Little Timothy Murray
Mac Barnes Mac Barnes - The Chief of Police
Douglas Lawrence Douglas Lawrence - Joe Slattery - Reporter
Vera Hamilton Vera Hamilton - Mrs. Williams - Candy Factory Forewoman
Margaret Melville Margaret Melville - Mrs. Slattery - the Old Apple Woman

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    A melodrama that stirs much sympathy for its hero in its early scenes and that has a good, though very formal, climax; but that loses its effectiveness at the close through a hundred feet of sentimental insincerity. A reporter has a grudge against Officer Murray and lies so about him in the paper that he gets him fired for cowardice. In the end, Murray saves the reporter's old mother from a burning factory. He is finally pulled from the roof just before it falls, by a crane worked by men building a steel house near by. The fire and all the scenes are very well done. It is a good offering, although it has a very poor ending. - The Moving Picture World, August 17, 1912