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Готовы или нет First Date (1993–1997) HD online

Готовы или нет First Date (1993–1997) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Family
Original Title: First Date
Director: Alyse Rosenberg
Writers: Alyse Rosenberg,Alyse Rosenberg
Released: 1993–1997
Duration: 23min
Video type: TV Episode
Troy writes a poem for Busy. With some prodding from his friends, Troy asks her to go out with him on a bowling date. Amanda helps Busy to get ready for her date with some disastrous results. Busy's brothers seem to find out about the date and try to give her some well intentioned advice. Meanwhile, Troy has his own struggles getting ready. Busy doesn't want her father to know that she's going out so Amanda does her best to distract Mr. Ramone while Busy sneaks out with Troy. With Troy's father as the chaperone for their date, Troy and Busy start bowling with a bit of awkwardness. Busy decides to change out of her "date clothes" and into her regular clothes and begins to have more fun on the date. Troy's ego takes a hit during the date and it ends on a pretty low note. Busy and Amanda rehash the date at Amanda's house and Troy shows up to apologize for his behavior.
Episode cast overview:
Laura Bertram Laura Bertram - Amanda Zimm
Lani Billard Lani Billard - Busy Ramone
Gerry Mendicino Gerry Mendicino - Sam Ramone
Benjamin Plener Benjamin Plener - Monkey Ears (Michael)
Jesse Nilsson Jesse Nilsson - Justin
Omari Moore Omari Moore - Troy Edwards
Matthew Moore Matthew Moore - Emory Edwards
Joseph Griffin Joseph Griffin - Manny Ramone
Fab Filippo Fab Filippo - Dom Ramone
Noah Plener Noah Plener - Frankie
Tyrone Benskin Tyrone Benskin - Mr. Edwards
Troy Seivwright-Adams Troy Seivwright-Adams - Carl