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One and a Half Prince (2018) HD online

One and a Half Prince (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: One and a Half Prince
Director: Ana Lungu
Writers: Ana Lungu,Iris Spiridon
Released: 2018
Duration: 1h 45min
Video type: Movie
Love and friendship. Love versus friendship. Which one is stronger, which one is deeper?


Cast overview:
Iris Spiridon Iris Spiridon - Iris
Marius Manole Marius Manole - Marius
István Teglas István Teglas - Istvan
László Mátray László Mátray - László Féhér
Dantes Bobaianu Dantes Bobaianu - The priest
Sasa Berceanu Sasa Berceanu - The daughter of Marius
Razvan Alexe Razvan Alexe - Highschool boyfriend
George Gâdei George Gâdei - A friend of Iris
Emilian Oprea Emilian Oprea - Dan
Radu Afrim Radu Afrim - Radu
Razvan Mazilu Razvan Mazilu - The theater director
Miruna Berindei Miruna Berindei - A client
Dan Lungu Dan Lungu - A client
Iulia Popovici Iulia Popovici - Q&A moderator

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    Yellow Judge

    Incompleteness is an important theme to Ana Lungu's feature, a 'story' about three friends cohabiting with one another, featuring a selection of scenes from their lives. The ever so slight narrative circles around Iris, who is dealing with the sudden death of her boyfriend and looking to fill the void.

    The boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred by the fact that the actors play themselves as characters. This generates a certain 'meta' feeling, particularly when it is actually discussed within the movie, but abstractly. A lot of the script plays as improvised, with unpolished dialogue and awkward silence abounding.

    Unfortunately, this loose approach didn't work too well for me. The air of detachment surrounding Iris, the lead and also co-writer of the movie, sets her character somewhere in the distance, too far to be touched and emoted with. As a result, the movie failed to pull me in, playing as an almost random sequence of events with neutral people talking as people often do, boasting an aimless sense of philosophical enrichment. It might capture the particular joys and tribulations of actors, featuring nods and references to the likes of Mike Leigh and Daphne du Maurier, but what it succeeds at is framing them as people, in all their/our mundane glory.

    The beautiful cinematography partly makes up for the lack of thrills or the incisiveness of its introspections. It is, however, not enough to make for a recommendation.