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Woven (2016) HD online

Woven (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: Woven
Director: Nagwa Ibrahim,Salome Mulugeta
Writers: Ryan Spahn,Salome Mulugeta
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 36min
Video type: Movie
Ethiopian-born Elenie struggles to integrate her mother's traditions with her own American dreams. When a tragic accident thrusts her into the life of an American family, Elenie realizes that one's search for a sense of place is universal. The ONE Campaign; co-founder Bono, is an executive producer and supporter for Woven. Woven is also the first feature film for both female directors, and the first Ethiopian-American SAG film shot in United States.


Credited cast:
Salome Mulugeta Salome Mulugeta - Elenie Tariku
Ryan O'Nan Ryan O'Nan - Logan Thompson
Ryan Spahn Ryan Spahn - Wallace Tanner
Larisa Polonsky Larisa Polonsky - Mila Thompson
Alemtsehay Wedajo Alemtsehay Wedajo - Smra Tariku
Vincent Agnello Vincent Agnello - Charley Thompson
Tibebe Solomon Borga Tibebe Solomon Borga - Abell Tariku
Anthony Aquilino Anthony Aquilino - Johnny
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Etsegenet Anteneh Etsegenet Anteneh
Setegn Atena Setegn Atena
Jonny Cash Jonny Cash
Michael De Nola Michael De Nola - George Tanner
Anya Denisova Anya Denisova - Madison Tanner
Marlin Garcia Marlin Garcia
Zelalem Gedion Zelalem Gedion

Reviews: [15]

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    Oh my, this film had my emotions running free. I cried, I laughed, I just didn't expect to be so moved right from the beginning. I just can't get enough of this film and will be watching again with my friend tomorrow. 2 thumbs up!
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    It is thrilling to see our culture beautifully highlighted all throughout this film. It is truly an honor to see my people and culture displayed accurately in Woven and I really hope to see more films like this in the near future. The movie Woven showcases the life of an Ethiopian born women, Elenie Tariku, who hopes to keep her roots alive while on the path of fulfilling her dreams. The film Woven is a must-see and will literally have you at the edge of your seat.
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    Great movie. Really emotional. Hits you in all the right spots tell of pain, loss, forgiveness and is sure to be an unforgettable film for any viewer.
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    Hilarious Kangaroo

    I absolutely enjoyed watching Woven!!! Woven tells a story of loss, pain and forgiveness. I realized that we are all the same, no matter what. We all face trials, challenges and tribulations. This should allow us to relate to one another on a much deeper level.
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    Woven is about an Ethiopian immigrant family that come to live in the United States and meets a Caucasian family. Their lives get intertwined after a tragedy occurs. Shortly after the accident, the two families think that their cultural differences might play a substantial role in their encounter, but soon realize that humanity is connected when it comes to emotions like pain, loss and forgiveness. The film appeals to all human beings as a universal story and is about ways in which we as human beings experience difficult things in life and heal through them. Woven has such a beautiful message and I truly encourage others to see this film.
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    Well, this is an ethiopean in new york story, with the entangelments of direct opposite cultures, rites and traditiones. its about love, lost love,aspiring love, life,death,ad/hd,coptic church,catholic church, and lot of troubles on expectations and lack of understanding in life in general

    it is a home made product, but , especially the second half has some real qualities. i shall admit that the film wowed me in for a while, and did recognise some of the issues that the main actors went through. if you like culture crash movies this easy piece is good, though i will not award higher than 4.
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    Once in a while a film comes around that simply wows you. Woven absolutely does just that. I was fortunate enough to get to experience this film at a screening in Orange County,CA. I didn't know what a magical treat I was in for. What an incredible, beautiful and poignant labor of love I had the privilege of seeing unfold on the big screen. Woven is definitely a gem. A multifaceted, thought provoking gem. A brilliantly written, acted and directed gem. I loved the glimpses into multiple cultures and families. The depth of each character and the way the story unfolds is seamlessly Woven together by the ever so talented actor and director,Salome Mulugeta. In a time where we are bombarded by such division, this masterpiece of a movie unites. Woven will stay in your thoughts and on your heart long after the final credits roll. Find this film, Devour it. Enjoy it. You too will be wowed by Woven!
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    Woven is a movie written for this time in our history! It's a story a love and loss. A story about culture and diversity. A story about family and forgiveness. Sounds simple, but it's not. These themes are beautifully "woven" throughout the story line and illustrate how complex life can be. I definitely recommend this film because it truly shows us how we are all interconnected as human beings regardless of culture or country of origin. This movie captured my attention from the beginning to the end. The richness of it's characters, the twist and turns in the story line kept me intrigued the whole time. I found myself relating in some way to every character emotionally. I literally laughed, cried, and was full of anticipation throughout the entire film. I truly enjoyed watching this film. Woven is a remarkable film that will have an impact on all who see it!
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    I had the privilege of seeing Woven at the LA Film Festival and left in AWE! What an incredibly touching movie filled with beautiful culture, complex characters and deep layers. At a time when the world can feel painfully divided, it's refreshing to know that a Christian and Muslim Director came together to create such a poignant film that left me inspired. There were so many beautiful messages WOVEN into the film that transcend ethnicity and religion. I left encouraged to listen to my inner voice, speak my truth and be present with my children. The film showed me that healing happens through forgiveness and connects us as human beings. We are all Woven. We are all one. It's a MUST SEE!!!
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    What an excellent film this is. This movie touches on universal issues such as tragedy, grief, love and forgiveness. While the characters were of Ethiopian decent, it shows that we all hurt, grieve, love and forgive just the same. This film speaks to all cultures around the world. Job well done in telling this story. I wish you well!
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    Trash Obsession

    A beautifully shot and well crafted story that highlights the beauty of American and Ethiopian cultures, while simultaneously grappling with human flaws that are common to all. In the end, it is clear that our human experiences are shared no matter the color, creed, race or gender. A true testament to our interconnection, and a welcome breath of fresh air especially at a time when there is so much societal division. We are all WOVEN! A must see family drama that will leave you entertained, emotionally charged and inspired. Salome Mulugeta's directorial debut is a force to be reckoned with. Looking forward to more work from her team in the near future!
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    Woven was refreshing to watch. Too often, movies are tired and predictable. Woven didn't just keep my interest, it continuously built on my sense of intrigue. Remember those rare movies that have real, meaningful stories to share? The ones you refer to when you specifically want to retell a life-lesson? I won't spoil it, but let me just say that I highly recommend it. If you are looking for culture(remember that?) this movie is a must. We need more movies that make you think about how to move on from resentment. This topic can relate to a multitude of people in these difficult times, who need to find peace in their lives.
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    I saw the movie Woven at the LA Film Festival and knew right away that this is a movie we all should see. Each character is multidimensional just as we all are as human beings. The movie carries us into the Ethiopian culture which so few Americans know much about. Happiness,love,loss,confusion,depression,guilt,and strength are emotions that don't care what nationality you are. One of the definitions of the word woven is to introduce as an element into a connected whole. That is exactly what this movie shows us, we are all connected. This is a movie that is perfect timing for the world in which we live in today. Great job to the film makers of Woven!
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    Worth the time and money. Woven is a beautiful movie with a great message. There where many twists and turns in the story line .

    One could not predict what will happen next . Woven Movie had all the elements of good entertainment,it has humor, drama, great story line, colors and emotions. What was interesting was how they showcased beautiful Ethiopian culture, their food, wedding, clothes . Movie has drama . Every character has layers of personalities that unfolds as the movie progressed . Lives of all characters somehow is woven together . Woven movie has a great message towards the end. Enjoyed watching it so much.
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    Kudos to the LA Film Festival for selecting Woven! With so many deep layers, this film is relatable to everyone. It shows that we are all interconnected and tied together at the core. While the world climate can leave us paralyzed by fear, this film brings hope. The film captured the beautiful Ethiopian culture and illustrated how the traditions of the immigrant experience are WOVEN into the fabric of American culture. It demonstrates that love transcends ethnicity and religion and we are more alike than we are different. I found myself rooting for the dynamic and complex characters. Woven opened my eyes and helped me see the world differently….with much more optimism. The world needs to see this film…it promotes peace!