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Bad Kids (2016) HD online

Bad Kids (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Bad Kids
Director: Tanner Sawatzky
Writers: Shayanne Samarasinghe
Released: 2016
Budget: CAD 3,000
Video type: Movie
When Rami, a bi-racial teenager whose future holds great promise, decides to invite his old friends Blood and Guts to his new neighbourhood in an effort to revive their lost friendship, soon sparks a spree of mischief and fun yet quickly spirals into life altering violence.
Credited cast:
Wesley R. Adams Wesley R. Adams - Rami
Michelle Coburn Michelle Coburn - Guts
Mark Irvingsen Mark Irvingsen - Homeless Man
Tony Ofori Tony Ofori - Blood

Out of 19 films 'Bad Kids' won "Best Short Film" at the UTM Film Fest 2017, and was also nominated for "Best Sound" and the "Viewers Choice Award."