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Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. (2014) HD online

Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey.
Director: Ate de Jong
Writers: Mark Rogers,Mark Rogers
Released: 2014
Duration: 1h 27min
Video type: Movie
A stranger breaks into the house of a couple, ties up the husband and, having a whole weekend at his hand, plays a slow game with the woman, a game of threats, fear, obedience - and intimacy.
Credited cast:
Edward Akrout Edward Akrout - Aaron
Matt Barber Matt Barber - Tom
Megan Maczko Megan Maczko - Alison
Helen Bradbury Helen Bradbury - Sarah
Sadie Frost Sadie Frost - Beautiful Woman
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Andy Davie Andy Davie - Business Man
Nathan Gambrill Nathan Gambrill - Boy with dog
Adam Patel Adam Patel - Businessman
Paul Rogers Paul Rogers - Dog Walker

Reviews: [10]

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    Ate De Jong brings Mark Rogers' story of fetish, and horror to life in dark, visceral , sometimes uncomfortable intensity. Normally I pass on films that I consider torture porn, or at least I bail on the film once I get that impression. I am glad that I did not check out on "Deadly Virtues" because it is definitely a tight, methodical nightmare that pushes one to experience that taboo in the horror genre, the eroticism of sexual nightmares. Much like "Straw Dogs (the remake)", this movie goes into those areas and exploits those darker subjects.

    "Deadly Virtues" doesn't completely nail it, there are moments that play out almost like cliché of the erotic horror subgenre. At times the energy falters, and certain moments that could have really pushed the horror over the edge are only mediocre. That being said, the characters are developed more than you usually see in these sorts of stories, the subtext is deep and dark, and the acting is captivating enough to cause you to built a very intense connection with the characters. Plus the ending is one that I didn't quite see coming, made me angry until the ending finally played out- an ending that is well worth setting through the sexual overture that runs through "Deadly Virtues", and that sense of discomfort in seeing some of the scenes play out.

    Overall, "Deadly Virtues" is worth watching on so many levels. I enjoyed being pushed into less comfortable forays of "what is horror" and "what is erotic". Rogers story balances it nicely and De Jong brings it to scream wonderfully. The special effects are practical, even though they are limited and not a big focal point of the movie. The real focal point of "Deadly Virtues" comes from actually watching the film, experiencing this situation through the eyes of these tragic characters, and that ending. This is one of the better, more elevated torture-porn, exploitation, and modern cult films I have seen in a while.
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    I saw this film at the Imagine (sf/horror/fantasy) filmfestival Amsterdam 2014. Very good script, continuously unclear where the story was heading. Especially nice was that the couple in the house seemed 100% victims at first, but that changed throughout later developments, particularly after revealing some black spots for the husband. Eventually all loose ends vanished one by one, including the final scene revealing the initially unexplained method how the attacker silently entered the house without ringing the doorbell. You may infer from it that the same can happen to you in the foreseeable future.

    Believable characters throughout, but cannot tell much more in fear of spoiling. This film ended undeservedly on a lowly 36th place (out of 43) for the audience award with score 6.43. An IMDb score of 5.6 is also not what it should be, in my not-so-humble opinion.
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    Post-feminist scary and haunting tale. Very well done. The camera becomes an independent character: does not move too much and that is positive. Deadly Virtues: Love Honour Obey has been made for a low budget. The story and making of and way of acting is so special and so good! In the beginning, when the intruder has bound Alison and hanging from the ceiling, we wanted to spit the stranger in his face. But at the end of the movie, we actually did love the stranger a little bit! The stranger practices bondage, a Japanese style of bondage. Because to tie is to hug. Lust and art is combined. During the movie, Alison did change. She became strong.
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    The biggest weakness here is that the story doesn't seem to have much of a point. In one way, it's kind of a standard home invasion movie. It opens with a man entering a couple's home, tying the husband up and throwing him in the bathtub, and then torturing and humiliating him throughout the weekend that follows. As for the wife? Well, she gets tied up and there's some eroticism involved in his plans for her - a lot of touching, leading to fear and humiliation, but not much more. Really, the intruder's plan for the wife isn't made all that clear. Essentially, the intruder seems to want to play house with her, for lack of any better way of putting it. So, what was the point to this? Was there a point? I honestly finished this not being sure about the answer to either question.

    Admittedly, the story has an uneasy attraction for the viewer. It's almost voyeuristic in a lot of uncomfortable ways. As the movie progresses we learn a lot about Alison and Tom (the unfortunate couple) but very little about Aaron - the intruder - until the last scene of the movie, which at least explains how he managed to break into their house, and shows him to be compulsive in his behaviour. Alison and Tom are revealed to be an unhappy couple with a lot of problems in their marriage. Aaron's motivation - aside from being one sick puppy - is never really made clear. (And maybe it's just that he is one sick puppy.)

    It's not a bad movie. It actually succeeds in being a movie that both repels the viewer and attracts the viewer often at the same time. But it isn't a great movie, either. And if you can't handle a few scenes of torture (that are never particularly graphic, but that are nevertheless made very clear) then you should probably avoid this like the plague. (6/10)
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    I liked this, but can think of preferred outcomes.

    Nice, clear intro. Then good sensuality with oblique gore. I was really liking those knots and expected the tone was set for the rest (despite the underwear prudishness). But it backed off and became a bit sentimental for me.

    The keyboard music especially got a bit Mills & Boon, although the camera work in a dull house was sexy.

    I was guessing until late on, but in the end it's a fairy tale with a clear moral, rather than a mysterious reflection on physical desire. Tres Anglo- Saxon.

    The character in the bathtub was disappointing: "Leksh me oush!". On the one hand, it would be hard for someone not to die in those circumstances; on the other, he didn't change despite all that time for reflection - so he's basically a monster. And I guess that's why the story ends up so blunt.

    Many UK films are tax-break crud, so this was refreshing.
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    This movie started off as a kind of standard home invasion kind of movie, but there are definitely twists and turns in it that are not standard. I do not want to spoil the movie, but I want to make it clear that there is no way in heck anyone could have predicted the ending of this movie, and the ending is a just one. So, do not shy away from it because there is some torture and elements of forced sexual contact in it. If you do, that will be a mistake. This is not your standard home invasion movie. Trust me on that. All of the characters in it are not what they seem. Oh, and the acting is good and the writing is excellent, in my opinion. Ignore the really bad reviews. They are so off the mark that I felt compelled to give this movie a 10 although it is probably more like an 8 or 9. Or, it may actually be a ten. I cannot think of any major flaws in it.
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    Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. With a title like that I should have see it coming. But nevertheless I still watched the movie. My bad though, because honestly there are tons of better movies then this one. It starts promising, where you have the feeling it might become a good thriller, but piece by piece as the story unfolds you realize you're going nowhere with this story. It's just an unrealistic and quite boring movie. The actors are not that bad, neither are they future Oscar winners, but with a story like that you can't just have a good movie. It's just impossible. I think they tries to create some sexual tension, but it's just a failure. The end is also a completely letdown. Too ridiculous for words in fact. I wished I didn't waste my time with this one.
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    I first saw this film on the shelves in HMV and thought it looked good but didn't chance buying it in case it turned out to be another torture porn disguised as a horror with a dominating man demanding sex from a vulnerable woman. This, thank God, turned out not to be the case.

    The film features three main characters, a married couple, Allie and Tom and their intruder, Aaron. The couple are engaging in sex when an intruder breaks in and knocks them out. The couple wake up, Tom is tied up in the bath and Allie is hanging from the kitchen ceiling, what follows, is a weekend of them being held hostage in their own home.

    But this is not ordinary kidnap horror story line, these characters have a depth to them that almost makes you root for the characters you think you should hate, and hate the characters you ought to love.

    Overall i think this film is very unique, with no other story lines that are similar to my knowledge. The acting is utterly brilliant for the roles of Allie and Aaron and their chemistry is amazing with the ability to switch between tension and fear to affection and almost a sense of real love.

    I highly recommend this dutch made film, i hope my review was somewhat helpful in convincing you to watch!
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    Haneke would have a field day with this. He actually already had one - it's called Funny Games. Either the original version or the remake will do. And while this adds "eroticism" and bondage to the mix, it just never works. The movie is out to shock and tell a story about a bad man, trying to send mixed messages too. Shouldn't you obey if someone holds you hostage? Should go with the flow? All this could be interesting things to explore and if you're being nice to the movie, you sort of see them in this too.

    Those are just a few of the things that could make this even more uneasy to watch! As if the torture and the general humiliation wasn't enough you might ask - the problem with that is that it just never actually makes a point in the end. Especially the ending which sort of alienates the viewer even more (Freedom can be different things and there are layers to that too, none of them explored here, not to mention the reveal and explaining it does with the very last seconds of its running time ... unnecessary)
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    great little thriller, the best of the psychological home invasion genre. great acting especially from the two leads, Aaron and Alison, and an interesting examination of love and monogamy, definitely worth a watch. would make a good companion piece with Gone Girl in a double bill designed to break up relationships lol.

    Where Knock Knock attempted a similar thing but failed (especially in the last 15 mins) this film succeeds and is consistent in its themes and ending in a way that knock knock struggled with.

    **spoilers ahead**

    It starts off with a home invasion where our "villain" ties the protagonist and her husband up in beautiful Japanese bondage knots, and slowly over the course of a weekend subjects them both to extreme torment. But where other home invaders are intent on physical or sexual carnage, Aaron has set his sights on the inner cracks of their relationship, and through a bit of torture and psychological manipulation he slowly tries to break it down.