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Electronic Awakening (2011) HD online

Electronic Awakening (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Music / Mystery
Original Title: Electronic Awakening
Director: Andrew Johner
Writers: Andrew Johner,Drew Martinez
Released: 2011
Duration: 1h 27min
Video type: Movie
In Electronic Awakening, director Andrew Johner lifts the veil on an underground spiritual movement that has developed within electronic music cultures worldwide. This close encounter with the mysticism of rave questions the origin of religion, and offers insight into the future of man's spirituality. It investigates this culture's significance to the prophecies of 2012, and how this bizarre and sacral relationship to electronic music has evolved the group overtime, and where it seems to be leading them.
Credited cast:
Adam Apollo Adam Apollo - Himself
Chiara Baldini Chiara Baldini - Herself (as Dr. Chiara Baldini)
Eric Baumgartner Eric Baumgartner - Himself
Nickolas Begich Nickolas Begich - Himself (as Dr. Nickolas Begich)
Armando Berdecio Armando Berdecio - Himself
Hayward Bracey Hayward Bracey - Himself
Susan Brunswick Susan Brunswick - Herself (as Dr. Susan Brunswick)
Chlorophil Chlorophil - Himself
Eva Clay Eva Clay - Herself
Anthony D'Andrea Anthony D'Andrea - Himself (as Dr. Anthony D'Andrea)
Erik Davis Erik Davis - Himself
Charles de Ledesma Charles de Ledesma - Himself (as Dr. Charles de Ledesma)
Michael Divine Michael Divine - Himself
Rick Doblin Rick Doblin - Himself
Daniel Dobrzensky Daniel Dobrzensky - Himself

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    I love Mercedes

    "Electronic Awakening" is an eye-opening documentary film that explores the phenomenon of Electronic Music Culture. I learned a lot about the culture's history and is a timely reminder that the root influence of the latest trending festivals are far from a 'new thing.' It's inspiring to see that the EDM scene has been focused on creating a community that's centered on unity through dance and music. It also explains the complexity of the music, whose purpose is to induce spiritual experiences. The film does a great job at breaking down the negative stereotypes fueled by media coverage during the '90s. Overall, people who are looking to learn about the culture should definitely watch this movie.
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    Electronic Awakening is a dynamic account of electronic music and its spiritual effect on its followers. A truly compelling and visceral work, this documentary features real authentic scenes from festivals such as Sundance, Symbiosis, Burning Man and more documenting scenes of rituals, meditations, ecstatic dance and healing. Delving into its beginnings in the 1970's the film follows early rave scenes when synthesizers and drum machines ushered in an "electronic'" form of music that had thousands of participants dancing all night.This film like the phenomenon of EDM covers is a gateway into a higher consciousness of an enlightened way of human being. I relived many of my psychedelic episodes while watching this film. I truly enjoyed how it gave different perspectives of the EDM movement and how trance music and other genres provided a portal to well...Gos I have to have this one for my personal collection. Brilliant work!