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Hawaii Five-O A Capitol Crime (1968–1980) HD online

Hawaii Five-O A Capitol Crime (1968–1980) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: A Capitol Crime
Director: Sutton Roley
Writers: Leonard Freeman,Bill Stratton
Released: 1968–1980
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Episode
A retired chemical engineer, after fighting City Hall and the state government over the proposed demolition of his housing complex for the elderly, wears a bomb into a Jimmy Borges concert and demands that the Governor cut through the red tape -- but doesn't count on the psycho girlfriend of a mobster about to be shipped to the mainland crashing the party and taking HIM hostage. This episode features Richard Denning in a larger-than-usual role and is the only acting role for director Sutton Roley, who appears at the beginning as the judge signing the extradition order.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Jack Lord Jack Lord - Det. Steve McGarrett
James MacArthur James MacArthur - Danny Williams
Kam Fong Kam Fong - Chin Ho
Herman Wedemeyer Herman Wedemeyer - Duke
Barnard Hughes Barnard Hughes - Clinton Palmer
Richard Davalos Richard Davalos - George Hawley (as Dick Davalos)
Richard Denning Richard Denning - The Governor
Jimmy Borges Jimmy Borges - Himself
Don Rockwell Don Rockwell - Richard Wallenbeck
Harry Chang Harry Chang - Stage Manager
Bill Bigelow Bill Bigelow - Mr. Kirsten
Ed Fernandez Ed Fernandez - Captain Matthews (as Edward Fernandez)
Elsie Russell Elsie Russell - Mrs. Nichols
Wayne Oxford Wayne Oxford - Husband
Dan Taba Dan Taba - Bomb Expert (as Daniel Taba)

This is the only episode in which Jimmy Borges, a local Hawaii entertainer, played himself. He appeared in 10 other episodes.

This is one of only two episodes where the Governor is specifically identified by name.

First appearance of Sharon Farrell on the show. She would appear again two more times in guest starring roles before joining the cast as Det. Lori Wilson for the 12th and final season.

Sutton Roley: Prolific television director in his only on-screen appearance as the judge who approves the extradition of George Hawley (Richard Davalos) at the beginning of this episode.

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    While having Barnard Hughes as a guest on the show was a great thing (he was a fine actor and played old cranks very well), the person who made this episode work so well only has a paltry last billing--even though she was a major part of the show. Why? I have no idea. Sharon Farrell plays a woman who is almost completely unhinged--and she really does it quite well!

    The film starts at a tourist show--one which features Hawaiian dancing, costumes, a local celebrity and lots of kitsch. However, in the middle of this show, an old man (Hughes) gets up and handcuffs himself to the host! Then, he shows everyone that he's rigged himself up to a bomb and announces he MUST talk to the Governor...NOW! Until they can locate the Gov and get him there, McGarrett must talk to the man and convince him to relax and not detonate himself.

    A completely separate plot occurs concurrently. A mobster has just been ordered to be extradited to face Federal charges in Chicago. But the cocky crook vows, quite confidently, that he'll never be extradited--as if he's got some sort of a plan. How his truly nutty and very devoted girlfriend (Farrell) plays a part in this AND how it all connects up to the plot with Hughes is something you'll just need to see for yourself.

    The show has a relatively original plot. While "Hawaii Five-O" made several other episodes involving hostage situations, WHY and the personality of the hostage-taker is unique. And, it's made all the better by Farrell's wonderfully goofy acting--playing an insane and sociopathic lady with amazing gusto. Well worth seeing.