» » Grange Hill Episode #4.9 (1978–2008)

Grange Hill Episode #4.9 (1978–2008) HD online

Grange Hill Episode #4.9 (1978–2008) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Family
Original Title: Episode #4.9
Director: Christine Secombe
Writers: Phil Redmond,Margaret Simpson
Released: 1978–2008
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Suzanne Ross spreads a rumour about school uniform coming back. Miss Mooney chastises Pogo Patterson for his smug attitude toward poor pupil Richard Marks. Cathy's tardiness is becoming more regular. Pogo wants the boys to be able to play table tennis, rather than just the girls which leads to a heated discussion about feminism. Trisha Yates finds that their school rep has emigrated, and what with Doyle being kicked out of his position, she pushes Justin into being a replacement, along with herself. At a meeting between school reps and the staff, Mrs McClusky makes plain her view that school uniform is a good idea, which goes down like a lead balloon with Trisha, but the Head backs down. The meeting votes for just a part of the school building being used during breaks, but Pogo pretends to be superman, and breaks a table - the caretaker threatens to speak to Mr. Keating. Miss Peterson is sympathetic to learn that Cathy's poor work is due to her rehearsals with her group, but chides ...
Episode credited cast:
Timothy Bateson Timothy Bateson - Mr. Thomson
Mark Baxter Mark Baxter - Duane Orpington
Paula Ann Bland Paula Ann Bland - Claire Scott
Joanne Boakes Joanne Boakes - Anita Unsworth
Cheryl Branker Cheryl Branker - Miss Peterson
Lindy Brill Lindy Brill - Cathy Hargreaves (as Lyndy Brill)
Mark Burdis Mark Burdis - Christopher 'Stewpot' Stewart
Sheila Chandra Sheila Chandra - Sudhanami Patel
Brad Clayton Brad Clayton - Kevin McGuire
Robert Craig-Morgan Robert Craig-Morgan - Justin Bennett (as Robert Craig Morgan)
David Doyle David Doyle - Richard Marks
Mark Eadie Mark Eadie - Andrew Stanton
Lucinda Gane Lucinda Gane - Miss Mooney
Clive Gehle Clive Gehle - James Leigh
Vincent Hall Vincent Hall - Michael Doyle

Return of Sheila Chandra as Sudhamani Patel, absent since S3 Ep7.

Brad Clayton appears as the first of two characters with a 20 year interval - debuting here as Kevin McGuire; he would return as pop impresario Tarquin Montgomery in S24, Ep 11.