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Stranded at the Altar (2016) HD online

Stranded at the Altar (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Drama / Family
Original Title: Stranded at the Altar
Director: Ryan P. McCabe
Writers: Ryan P. McCabe,Ryan P. McCabe
Released: 2016
Duration: 19min
Video type: Movie
A troubled youth sabotages his father's wedding to save their relationship.
Cast overview:
Benjamin Brancatto Benjamin Brancatto - Tyler
Bill Rogers Bill Rogers - Tom
Loralee Tyson Loralee Tyson - Marilyn
Marcus Cohlan Marcus Cohlan - Uncle Frank
Benjamin Berschback Benjamin Berschback - Floyd
Jenny Berschback Jenny Berschback - Aunt Carol
Barbara Rosenblat Barbara Rosenblat - Joan the Shopkeeper
Henry Mouat Henry Mouat - Officer Brad
Gigi McCluskey Gigi McCluskey - Chloe
John Kelly John Kelly - Father Richard
Mitchell Zemil Mitchell Zemil - Altar Server
Luke Rosen Luke Rosen - Piano Player
Sonya Artis Sonya Artis - Police Dispatch (voice)
Dean Lennert Dean Lennert - Police Dispatch (voice)
Kelly McCabe Kelly McCabe - Police Officer