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Karma Train (2010) HD online

Karma Train (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Music
Original Title: Karma Train
Director: Sean Osorio
Writers: Michael Davies,Sean Osorio
Released: 2010
Budget: $2,000
Duration: 12min
Video type: Movie
John Johnson is an avid gambler who cannot seem to put down the cards and tend to his responsibilities. After losing his girlfriend, job, and several high stakes poker games, he decides that he must improvise a way to earn some fast cash and pay off all of his debts. Resorting to the impersonation of the homeless in many forms, Johnson has found himself hanging by the skin of his teeth with everything to lose and no sign of hope in sight.
Credited cast:
Michael Davies Michael Davies - John Johnson
Taylor March Taylor March - Poker Dealer
Sean Osorio Sean Osorio - Poker Player #2
Michael Schueler Michael Schueler - Bum #2
Zachary Snow Zachary Snow - Kid Playing Soccer
Michael Strang Michael Strang - Maximus Glutius - Boss
Alex Thorne Alex Thorne - Child #2
Jim Thorne Jim Thorne - Child #1
Aimee Van Driest Aimee Van Driest - Sexy Jogger
Tyler Vaughn Tyler Vaughn - Poker Player #1

Sean Osorio got to make Karma Train because he started a film making club at Saint Petersburg College where students who were passionate about film making could come together and make movies.

Karma Train received a 1st place award in the Audio/Visual category at the Karen Pelz Writing Contest. It was also showcased as the Tampa Film Networks' 10 best films at the Ybor Film Festival. Karma Train's Cinematographer M. Frog was also given an award for his Cinematography from Saint Petersburg College's award ceremony, the Semmys.