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Naerata ometi (1985) HD online

Naerata ometi (1985) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Family / Drama
Original Title: Naerata ometi
Director: Leida Laius,Arvo Iho
Writers: Silvia Rannamaa,Marina Sheptunova
Released: 1985
Duration: 1h 25min
Video type: Movie
Teenage Mari is sent to an orphanage. It's an awful and unfriendly place to be. But soon two rival leading boys both show up their interest against the girl. Which one should she fall in love with, the good or the bad one ? Unbelivable realistic picture of an orphanage-life in Soviet Union is given. Good acting.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Monika Järv Monika Järv - Mari Lehiste
Hendrik Toompere Jr. Hendrik Toompere Jr. - Robi
Tauri Tallermaa Tauri Tallermaa - Tauri
Katrin Tamleht Katrin Tamleht - Katrin
Kerttu Aaving Kerttu Aaving - Kerttu
Edith-Helen Kuusk Edith-Helen Kuusk - Melita
Siiri Sisask Siiri Sisask - Siiri
Janika Kalmus Janika Kalmus - Anne
Helle Kuningas Helle Kuningas - Teacher
Mari Lill Mari Lill - Robi's mother
Evald Hermaküla Evald Hermaküla - Mari's father Ülo
Eduard Tinn Eduard Tinn - Tauri's father
Anneli Aunap Anneli Aunap
Rein Pakk Rein Pakk - Rein
Manfred Kärblane Manfred Kärblane

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    I wanted to write a recommandation here. Naerata ometi (1985) is one of better films about children with problems or/and bad fate. It is technically simple but deeply believable movie. Although themes like alcoholism , bullying, suicide are depressing movie has its humanism and hope for better tomorrow. This is my first review here and i chose this not famous movie to recommend. Other movies i like have a lot of good reviews (movies from Fellini, Chaplin, Satiyait Ray , Kubrick, Renoir and others).

    My vote is 10

    Ps Movie is hard to find but it is in youtube Sorry for bad English and all the best
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    Lost Python

    Actors are strange and not very beautiful, but they make it more interesting. In this movie there are some sentences what you will remember, although they don`t speak very much. I liked that part when the main character Mari played with her younger friends. She said that they have to wait outside while she is turning into a shoe. She left an old boot for them and left the room. When girls came back, they thought that that boot was Mari..
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    Well my first review and it's from my country Estonia. Lets get started. This movie is sort of a documentary threw the eyes of the character and we make our own explanation in the end because the movie ends on a cliff hanger ( not the Silvester Stallone movie ). so yeah i liked it it was depressing as are almost every Estonia movie. spoilers ahoy ! It talks about a teen aged girl hows mother has died and his fatter doesn't want her around , so she lives in a orphanage . ..... of course. but she hates her orphanage life, because the others are mean and hateful so as the other reviewers say-ed its a good story but i need to stop spoiling the movie because you really have to see it. strong parts : sad moments , funny moments , leaves you with a good feeling. weak parts : this might not interest boys like me but i liked the movie ( because it reminded me of sleep a way camp ) ether way . So good movie i give it lets say .... 9 that seems fair.