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007 1/2 no Carnaval (1966) HD online

007 1/2 no Carnaval (1966) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Musical
Original Title: 007 1/2 no Carnaval
Director: Victor Lima
Writers: Victor Lima
Released: 1966
Video type: Movie
British secret agent 007 1/2 is sent to Rio de Janeiro to recover the plans stolen from a new metal alloy. His contact is a taxi driver, who ends up being murdered by enemy agents.
Credited cast:
Larry Carr Larry Carr - 007 1 / 2
Chacrinha Chacrinha
Costinha Costinha
Annik Malvil Annik Malvil
Marivalda Marivalda
Rossana Ghessa Rossana Ghessa
Átila Iório Átila Iório
José Santa Cruz José Santa Cruz - Jojóca
Lúcio Mauro Lúcio Mauro - das Mulheres, Zé
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ângelo Antônio Ângelo Antônio
Ely Barry Ely Barry
Dircinha Batista Dircinha Batista
Fábio Bloch Fábio Bloch
Emilinha Borba Emilinha Borba
Wanderley Cardoso Wanderley Cardoso

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    at the time this movie was released in Brazil, it was a medium musical comedy, success of public, with known comedian like Costinha and the beautiful actress Annik Malvil.The purpose of the movie was to make the public laugh and it was reached. Nothing intellectual but funny.