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Captured by Aboriginals (1913) HD online

Captured by Aboriginals (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Thriller
Original Title: Captured by Aboriginals
Director: Gaston Méliès
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
A party of English explorers make their way into the uncivilized region of Northern Queensland, Australia, and pitch camp. Jennings, one of the number, taking a little walk from the camp, is surprised by a tribe of aboriginal black fellows, who at first mean to kill and eat him, but beholding his white skin, the first white man they had ever seen, believe he is a god and receive him in honor. They are more convinced of his deity when he obtains fire from a match, whereas their method is antiquated and long. The black fellows amuse Jennings with a "Corroboree," a native savage dance, after which he wishes to make his departure, but the aboriginals hold him a prisoner of honor. Next morning all go hunting, the aboriginals with their spears, Jennings with his gun. The report of his gun so scares them that they flee. The Englishman attempts escape, but is tracked by the skilled black fellows and brought back to the chief. The chief, taking Jennings aside, surprises him by talking English,...

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    A bit from savage life taken in Queensland, Australia, and played for the most part by aborigines, It is interesting because the glimpse of the life it shows, though savage, is human and of vital concern even to us. Some of the highest qualities of the best literature are in it; but it is not strictly speaking dramatic. Its value is its truth of savage life so different from ours, yet so similar that we can wonder and sympathize at the same time. The photography is clear enough and the offering commendable. - The Moving Picture World, September 27, 1913