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Girls Dead Inside (2012–2017) HD online

Girls Dead Inside (2012–2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Dead Inside
Director: Jesse Peretz
Writers: Judd Apatow,Lena Dunham
Released: 2012–2017
Duration: 28min
Video type: TV Episode
Hannah's editor, David, dies, but Hannah's more concerned with what will happen to her e-book. Jessa finds out that a friend from the past faked her own death. Marnie quits her job at Ray's coffee shop.
Episode cast overview:
Lena Dunham Lena Dunham - Hannah Horvath
Allison Williams Allison Williams - Marnie Michaels
Jemima Kirke Jemima Kirke - Jessa Johansson
Zosia Mamet Zosia Mamet - Shoshanna Shapiro
Adam Driver Adam Driver - Adam Sackler
Alex Karpovsky Alex Karpovsky - Ray Ploshansky
Gaby Hoffmann Gaby Hoffmann - Caroline Sackler
Jon Glaser Jon Glaser - Laird Schlesinger
Colin Quinn Colin Quinn - Hermie
Melonie Diaz Melonie Diaz - Susan
Erin Darke Erin Darke - Stacey
Johnathan Fernandez Johnathan Fernandez - Clarence
Nancy Lemenager Nancy Lemenager - Customer
Marcella Lowery Marcella Lowery - Lise

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    Girls; being critically acclaimed and buzzed at Golden Globes for its originality, is a passion project of the creator and the protagonist, Lena Dunham whose creativity and genuine soul is what keeps this character driven series flow frictionless. The series is shot beautifully and the camera work is utterly pleasing which helps seek attention of the viewers. The writing is strong, witty and brutally honest sometimes, which can be inedible for viewers especially for it resonates eerily with reality that we all reside in. The characters or even the actors aren't given priority especially not at the compromise of the story-line which is what makes it different from one's usual sitcom. Addition to that, the series can afford and does offer a wider range where each notes connects and hits to the audience; from humor to intense drama. It is rich on technical aspects like sound department, costume design and editing. It is no short on execution as it communicates with the viewers and offers a palpable environment, that is cozy, raw, bold and uneven, in short an apt depiction of the current generation's social life.

    Season 03

    This particular season explores characters in details, to a point where the plot barely advances and still it keeps the audience not only engaged but electrified where the credit goes to both the performance and the execution without which the series never had that chance to even pick up; especially the episodes directed by Lena Dunham.

    Dead Inside

    There are few changes or plot tricks in here that can be inedible for the audience which is understandable, and on Lena's track it walks on familiar path but it still is hilarious especially when you have a character like Adam Driver at your side.