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Angry Dogs (1997) HD online

Angry Dogs (1997) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Angry Dogs
Director: Clabe Hartley
Writers: Clabe Hartley
Released: 1997
Video type: Movie
Credited cast:
Dwayne Barnes Dwayne Barnes - (as Dwayne L. Barnes)
Erin Beaux Erin Beaux
Luca Bercovici Luca Bercovici
Michael Cade Michael Cade
Mark Horvath Mark Horvath - Outlaw gang member
Vincent Klyn Vincent Klyn - Bad guy
Daniel Quinn Daniel Quinn - Jason Reed
Evan Seinfeld Evan Seinfeld
Isis Wills Isis Wills

Reviews: [2]

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    I thought this movie was pretty bad. Poor acting, very badly written, with typical stereotypical dialogue of "poor kids in the street" that sounded like it was copied from every other bad gang-type movie around. The plot has so many holes in it, I could drive a car through! They're supposed to be in a bad-kids boot camp, then they're fighting drug dealers. Every time they're supposed to be hiding out with all their camouflage, the blonde girl's big hair is all out and over the place. The whole thing was predictable and dull and a painful to watch.
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    Hǻrley Quinn

    Sorry, but I really enjoyed this movie. I think it would make a great youth movie for kids that are on the wrong track in life. It may have poor editing and lousy sound effects, but I really enjoyed it. Michael Cade takes a dramatic leap from his California Dreams days to make his role come alive with the best of actors in GenX. The plot is great, it has a few twists that will throw you, and the acting is not SUPER great, but it takes your mind off the bad editing. There are a few bad scenes that just don't fit the plot......why in the hell do you stop to make love while being chased by drug lords? That is what REALLY confused me in my viewing of this movie....none the less, I did like it, and would recommend this movie for youth viewing. Sort of a Scared Straight but with more aspect..........