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Next (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Adventure / Crime / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Next
Director: Lee Tamahori
Writers: Gary Goldman,Jonathan Hensleigh
Released: 2007
Budget: $70,000,000
Duration: 1h 36min
Video type: Movie
Las Vegas showroom magician Cris Johnson has a secret which torments him: he can see a few minutes into the future. Sick of the examinations he underwent as a child and the interest of the government and medical establishment in his power, he lies low under an assumed name in Vegas, performing cheap tricks and living off small-time gambling "winnings." But when a terrorist group threatens to detonate a nuclear device in Los Angeles, government agent Callie Ferris must use all her wiles to capture Cris and convince him to help her stop the cataclysm.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage - Cris Johnson
Julianne Moore Julianne Moore - Callie Ferris
Jessica Biel Jessica Biel - Liz Cooper
Thomas Kretschmann Thomas Kretschmann - Mr. Smith
Tory Kittles Tory Kittles - Cavanaugh
José Zúñiga José Zúñiga - Security Chief Roybal (as Jose Zuniga)
Jim Beaver Jim Beaver - NSA Director Wisdom
Jason Butler Harner Jason Butler Harner - Jeff Baines
Michael Trucco Michael Trucco - Kendall
Enzo Cilenti Enzo Cilenti - Mr. Jones
Laetitia Danielle Laetitia Danielle - Miss Brown
Nicolas Pajon Nicolas Pajon - Mr. Green
Sergej Trifunovic Sergej Trifunovic - Mr. White
Charles Rahi Chun Charles Rahi Chun - Davis (as Charles Chun)
Patricia Prata Patricia Prata - Showgirl

(at around 4 mins) The "girl with necklace" at his magic show is played by Alice Kim Cage, Nicolas Cage's wife.

The diner where Nicolas Cage runs into Jessica Biel's character is the same diner used in xXx - Triple X (2002) with Vin Diesel.

Although most of the film was shot in HD with Panavision Genesis cameras, about a week of shooting was done on 35mm film because the location was forecast to be over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and the filmmakers were concerned that the relatively new and under-tested Genesis would overheat and fail.

At the cabin, Cage tells a joke about a Buddhist monk ordering a hot dog. He actually ruins the joke when he messes up the punchline, saying "I'll have one with everything." However, the actual line is "Make me one with everything", a subtle but extremely important difference.

Throughout most of the film, Cage wears a gold jacket. This is a nod to the original Philip K. Dick story "The Golden Man" upon which the film is based.

(at around 53 mins) When Nicolas Cage is zapping through TV channels, he stops at one showing the movie Dr. Seltsam oder: Wie ich lernte, die Bombe zu lieben (1964), leaving it on for the FBI to listen to. The plot of "Dr. Strangelove" is about a rogue general attempting to start a nuclear holocaust with a wayward nuke. An obvious reference to the nuke in this film.

The Cliffhanger motel is actually a restaurant located on Highway 18 near Crestline, CA, in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Enzo Cilenti is dubbed by a British actor.

(at around 42 mins) The Italian painter is Elio Carletti (1925-1980), not Carlotti. He was an Italian impressionist artist and an inspector for the Italian police. The Italian dubbing replaced him with the more famous Leon Battista Alberti who wrote a lot about beauty but, seemingly, not that quote.

Nicolas Cage came up with the idea for his character to be a Las Vegas magician, and for Jessica Biel's character to have a job that took her to a Native American reservation at The Grand Canyon. (information taken from the special features on the North American Blu-ray release)

The movie's Russian title translates to "The Prophet"

All three helicopters (2 black, one white) are Eurocopter (nee Aerospatiale) AS-350 Ecureuils (Squirrels). The N-numbers were all sequential as well - N350SC, N351SC, and N352SC.

At about 1:17, Cage says "...Aim for the door - 8 inches above the handrail." At the moment Moore fires, the crosshairs are about 2 inches above the handrail. This is an old joke.

The terrorists communicate in French and speak English with a French accent, but in the scene where one of the terrorist's snipers misses his shot, you can hear him cursing in Serbian.

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    Next is a much better movie than I expected to see, having read some of the reviews which called it disjointed and silly. Quite to the contrary, I found it deeply absorbing. I quickly picked up on the elements which must have caused some reviewers to accuse it of being disjointed, and began enjoying them. Of course silliness is part of any sci-fi story, we suspend our critical senses in that regard or we do not become sci-fi fans.

    I single out one performer among a fine cast. Julianne Moore has really established herself as *the* deadpan action queen. She was a better Agent Starling than Jody Foster was, and she's a terrific, dominant presence in this film. Kudos to her for propelling herself to the top of a tough genre. She makes films more interesting to watch, by dint of her strong performances.

    I read Phillip K. Dick's "The Golden Man" many years ago and still remember a lot of it. When I first began hearing about this movie I immediately flashed to it and wondered if this was a movie of that intriguing story. The answers are "yes" and "no." "The Golden Man" is a much more ordinary story, but with resounding insights on the consequences of his existence. And his skin was a compellingly attractive rich golden hue, which helped make him irresistible to women. None of that fits this new story, and was properly omitted.

    What is translated so well from the written page to the screen is the government's intense interest in him (although for different reasons), its efforts to get him under official control, and the exceeding difficulty of doing so. And of course, the story ends in a wholly different way than the movie, a very satisfying and inevitable conclusion that bolsters Mr. Dick's reputation for opening the future to us.

    *** OK, ONE LITTLE SPOILER ALERT *** READ NO FURTHER (unless you don't mind) ***

    I just have to add, the flurry of action sequences which come like a staccato rendition of The Flight Of The Bumblebee during his escape from custody, is thoroughly delectable and brought more than one involuntary "Ha!" from the audience I saw it with, including from me. It's one of the tastiest treats in the film.

    And finally, yes, I too wish I knew who the heck these terrorists were and what the heck they were trying to accomplish with their nefarious plot. But I guess that's the brave new world we live in. We just don't get to hear the bad guys' dialogue, their reasons for doing the things they do. In that way Next is giving us another insight, not dropping us cold as others have complained. The only legitimate beef I agree with is the entirely unnecessary and just plain goofy Nicholas Cage business during the final pursuit. It looks like it must have been an idea of somebody too high up among the moguls to deny, but it is a definite distraction causing "Huh? What?" moments when the action is at its most intense.

    All in all, a feather in everybody's cap and a movie I fully recommend without reservation. Drama, humor, really fine action sequences, twists, great characters. As baseball great Yogi Berra once said, " Don't miss it if you can."
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    It was really interesting to watch this movie because it took the "ability to see the future" idea in a slightly new direction. The lead character can see the future, but only what happens to him and only 2 minutes into the future. Furthermore, he lives his life laying low so as to not get any attention.

    Now that is a cool idea for a movie ... and it takes off from there when he finally does get noticed. Nicolas Cage does a great job of playing the lead role of a guy who just wants to be left alone. Julianne Moore is very effective as the bright and ruthless government agent pursuing Cage for the "greater good."

    The movie is engaging (you always want to find out what happens next) and you get to see an interesting idea played out: how can he use his amazing yet limited ability given critical challenges?

    If you're a sci-fan and like the idea behind this movie, definitely catch this. For everyone else, I'd say it's a definite thumb's up.
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    I saw this movie on sale for a bargain £3.

    I had never heard of it, but Nicholas Cage is usually watchable, Lee Tamahori did the brilliant Once Were Warriors and the 'look 2 minutes into the future' Macguffin sounded intriguing enough; so I bought it and put it in the DVD player after dinner for myself and the wife to watch.

    It was really good and kept us both on the edge of our seats until the end (the ending was also very clever IMHO).

    Actually the best movie (along maybe with Watchmen) that I've seen this year.

    I imagine the pitch was something like 'Groundhog Day meets Die Hard', but for once they more or less pulled it off.

    They could have had a love interest with less of an age gap (but I assume Jessica Biel is there for eye candy not acting reasons) and the plot is a bit silly at times, but Cage plays it with just the right amount of 'tongue in cheek' as a lead in a paranormal action romance and compared with the last movie I sat and watched with my wife (the third Mummy) which is in a similar genre I suppose, this is in a different class.

    I can't really understand why so many folks give this really low ratings. Maybe it's real hard core action guys who dislike it, and it's probably not for them - but really this came as a very pleasant surprise. Highly recommended.
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    Cris Johnson has the ability to see 2 minutes into his own future. He works a low-level magic act in Las Vegas with this secret ability and also makes money gambling. However, an FBI Agent sees his uncanny ability to foresee the immediate future and tries to get him to foil a terrorist plot.

    The basic plot outline above isn't wholly exciting and can initially smell of outdated Cold War plot lines. And seeing that it is in the hands of Hollywood in the form of big budget action vehicle it will definitely turn many viewers off. The recent highly contrived sci-fi action movie "Deja Vu" is also another potential unfair strike against this movie. But, be clear of doubt, this film is actually good and it succeeds in being intriguing and not cheesy at the same time - completely unlike the "Deja Vu." "Next" leaves a lot to the audience's imagination and certain things are there just for you to accept on the basis that this is a movie - no lengthy pseudo-science speeches here. The movie also makes very good use of computer effects - there aren't many and the few that there are, aren't awful looking like director Lee Tamahori's last feature "XXX: The State of the Union." Johnson's clairvoyance is shown in a clever way and the story takes several nice turns. There is the stock Hollywood romantic angle here, but cheesiness is mercifully spared as it is not over done, but actually played out humorously in certain scenes.

    Then the kicker is the ending, which I dare not give away, and it is a real breath of fresh air. It leaves you a lot to think about and that ultimately ends this film with, not a bang which many people might expect from a big-budget action-fest. No, definitely not a bang, but a hum. That hum will stay with you for a while after you finish watching as you think about what happened and what may still happen. --- 8/10

    Rated PG-13 for violence
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    Next is one of those films that requires a second viewing. There's a lot going on and the plot doubles back on itself multiple times. Granted, there are some plot holes and some motivations are suspect, but overall it tends to entertain and keep you going more often than not.

    Nicolas Cage plays Cris Johnson, a man who can see two minutes into the future and predict what will happen. The problem is that the future constantly shifts and every action will change the next future. The fact that he can only see up to 2 minutes ahead also limits him somewhat. It does however help greatly in his magic career as a Las Vegas showman. It also helps when playing small time gambling. Unfortunately, it has gotten the attention of the FBI who want Cris to help them stop a Russia nuclear bomb from being detonated on American soil.

    As I said, there's a lot of backtracking in the story, which may serve to confuse some but is really important to the storyline. Cage turns in a great performance as the slightly eccentric seeming Cris. Julianne Moore is fine as a hard nosed FBI agent and Jessica Biel does all she can with a somewhat thankless role as the love interest.

    Overall, I really enjoyed Next. It's a fun sci-fi film that is the perfect start of the summer season.
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    I completely disagree with the last review. This movie is one of the best action movies I've seen in a while. The action is not overwhelming, and all the scenes are well done. The best part of all is that, unlike most movies these days, the previews don't give away every good scene. Given, the previews give away almost all of the entire plot, but we are talking about the same author who wrote Minority Report. So, why not a 10? The only downside would have to be that some of the acting is not as good as you would hope. Jessica Biel is not unconvincing as a love interest, but she's not entirely convincing. The plot is somewhat predictable, but there are surprises. Don't forget, this is an ACTION film. Not a romantic comedy; not a love story. It serves its point as an action film, and it serves it well. Very well, indeed.
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    Philip K. Dick has been the resource of stories for some very exciting films (Minority Report, Total Recall, Blade Runner), but in NEXT, his short story 'The Golden Man' as adapted by Gary Goldman and directed by Lee Tamahori, the concept of precognition as a human feature in altering the future falls into a video game format that becomes more action film and less human interest tale.

    Cris Johnson AKA Frank Cadillac (Nicholas Cage) is a sloe eyed Las Vegas grungy magician who has found a way to hide the fact that he has the gift to see two minutes into his future, a gift that rewards him at the gambling tables but draws attention from the FBI after a thwarted attempt on Cris' part to stop a robbery is captured on video tape. The FBI, especially Agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore), knows that a nuclear device has entered the USA by terrorists headed by 'Mr. Smith' (Thomas Kretschmann), and that if the device cannot be traced, a nuclear bomb threatens the lives of millions of citizens. Agent Callie observes Cris' talent and engages him to aid in the discovery of the site of the device. But Chris' powers lead him to a beautiful young woman Liz (Jessica Biel) with whom his powers to see into the future can be extended for more than the requisite 2 minutes. After a series of 'attempts' at introduction, Cris and Liz bond, allowing Cris' expanded powers to be of more help to the persistent Agent Callie. From that point on the film dissolves into yet another combustible crashing action flick with endless CG special effects, all but erasing the character development. And the ending is as one might expect - not very Philip K. Dick in style.

    Cage and Biel do well, Moore seems bored with her character, and Kretschman yet again embodies the evil of terrorism and beyond. There are some rather extraneous scenes on an Indian reservation that add little except the beauty of the Grand Canyon to the story, and there are some truly funny scenes of themes and variations on the chances we take in approaching a potential love source. But in the end all gets rather lost in the explosions ad infinitum that mark the film as a routine action flick. Grady Harp
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    A lot of people say it was boring with no plot twists. Well they must of been watching a different movie. First the ending was really unexpected and you don't see it coming. Second there was a LOT of suspense. You get so into the movie the time goes by very fast. The movie runs smoothly and I didn't see anything left out. And the way they use his ability to see into the future doesn't confuse, or get rid of suspense. The end of the movie what makes it great and no one saw it coming. The locations in the movie were all very cool too. The only complaint I had was in most of the car scenes, the actors aren't in a real car, and you can tell it's fake, but it's overall okay. I thought it was great and I recommend it. Go see it.
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    While I enjoyed the premise of this film, I felt like I so often do. You've got this neat idea; what are you going to do with it? Nicolas Cage plays a man who can see two minutes into the future, which allows him to move to different places to avoid danger, protect people in danger, and so on. The problem comes with the immutability of time. If you change things, what you saw really wasn't true; hence the plot hole. It was fun watching him dodge bullets and punches. What is hard to swallow is the mind that can put order to all this. Is this going on constantly or can he truly control it. If the mystery is out of his life, can he know the mystery. Part of my problem is that I never really understood what the bad guys were up to (I don't mean on a grander scale but on the details). Cage's relationship with Biel is nice but can he even have a relationship. The two minute thing was convenient. What if it had been a half hour or a day. How would that affect things. Anyway, when the ending comes, it seems satisfying but sad.

    Someone said that people booed at the end. I'm sure it's because for some people, leaving a little too much to imagination is quite a stretch. It was a fun couple hours, but one shouldn't think too much. As for Philip K. Dick, he can provoke us pretty well.
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    When a group of terrorists threatens to explode a nuclear weapon in Los Angeles, FBI agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) sees in the Las Vegas magician and smalltime crook Cris Johnson a.k.a. Frank Cadillac (Nicolas Cage) the hope to find where the device is hidden. Cris has the ability to foresee and change his future up to two minutes ahead, but is not receptive to the government proposal afraid of the experiments he was submitted when he was a child. While escaping from FBI, Cris meets the gorgeous Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel) in a cafeteria and he recalls that he had dreamed on her. Liz offers a lift to Cris and they immediately fall in love for each other. But agent Ferris wants to force Cris to help her at any cost while Liz is abducted by the terrorists.

    "Next" is one of the best action movies I have recently seen, with an excellent and unpredictable story of the awesome Philip K. Dick; gripping screenplay with many twists that inclusive provides a hook for a possible sequel; and fine performances of three of my favorite contemporary actors and actresses: the sensational Nicolas Cage, the wonderful Julianne Moore and the sweet Jessica Biel. I really liked a lot the hilarious sequence when Cris is "studying" the best way to approach to Liz in the restaurant. My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "O Vidente" ("The Fortuneteller")
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    Watching the ridiculous mess of plot holes and absurdity that is Lee Tamahori's Next invariably makes us wish we could see two-hours into the future to deem this movie a waste of time before we sit down to watch it. A slipshod work of Hollywood cliché, Next, pretends to be an interesting psychological action film trying to leave us wondering about the "what-if's" the movie proposes, when it actually only leaves us wondering how in heavens name any producer could expect us to believe that a middle-aged Nic Cage with bad hair could land Jessica Biel. Without any heart or spirit, this film relies on big bangs and a hot girl to bring the pre-pubescent boys out to spend their allowance at the box office.

    Nicolas Cage, who has previously shown some signs of promise in films like Leaving in Las Vegas and Adaptation, falls even further from his former place in our esteem with his latest in a succession of cruddy movies. Hey, at least this latest entry into the club of dismal Cage doesn't ask us to believe that his head bursts into flame as he rides a motorcycle, just that he can miraculously see the future, and with this power duplicate himself, dodge bullets, avoid booby traps, and save the day all while standing in one place looking more like he has a blockage in his bowels than a blockage in his clairvoyance. Actually, come to think of it, we might prefer the flaming skull-head. After this latest installment in his addiction to bad films, we all have almost lost hope that he will go back to working on his acting rather than on his abs (which were amply visible the couple times Cage took off his shirt).

    One must feel sorry for Jessica Biel and Julianne Moore, as so very little is given to them in the comic-strip writing of their characters that we can hardly be surprised when the performances come out flat and cliché. In fact, it is worth pondering, what in this movie is not cliché? The nuclear/chemical/biological weapon that was stolen by terrorists and now must be found before "8 million people die"? Nope, The Sum of All Fears, XXX, and The Peacemaker are just a few of the bevy of post-cold war movies focusing on what happens if the weapons from the build up land in the wrong hands. Maybe the hard-ass but essentially well meaning federal agent, willing to do anything to for the greater good? The Bourne Identity and most CIA or FBI based films. So, how about the clever crane shot of Las Vegas with blinding neon and the tune of Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation"? Nope, Ocean's Eleven for one beat them to that one. How about the neat bullet dodging effect? Nope, The Matrix. That nifty little tool used to keep Nic Cage's eyelids open? No, A Clockwork Orange did it first. How about the concept of a guy knowing the future and thus knowing exactly where to be at exactly the right time? Sorry, that was Groundhog Day. The major dilemma of whether to sacrifice the individual for the common good? Um let's see, nearly all superhero movies most notably Spiderman and Batman Begins. Then there's also Good Will Hunting and the list goes on. How about the potentially mind-boggling ending that reveals it's all been a dream/ look into the future? There are too many to list. For the most part the film looks entirely Hollywood with whiffs of an attempt at pulpy, arty shots in which Cage is in sharp focus surrounded by an intense blur, supposedly to suggest that only Chris Johnson has a clear view of the world that to others is so blurry. But we're not fooled by the soft, all too obvious attempts at cinematic metaphor because the emblematic Hollywood action sequences with the CGI SUV's and log trucks falling from the sky or in an odd greenly lit warehouse make it abundantly clear that what may appear to be artistic attempts (albeit weak ones) in the film were bastardized by their connection with the omnipresent Hollywood conventions. Therefore, the shots that might be trying to have significance start to look like a director's obsession with sharp close-ups. The music was overpowering and didactic. Every note gave away exactly what was to happen next, if we didn't already know from seeing innumerable similar action plots prior to this one. The dialogue was strained, often ludicrous, and, of course, previously done: "I have seen every possible ending, and none of them are good for you," "There's something I have to do, and I can't put it off any longer." Not to mention the tragically botched punch-line of the old Zen hot dog joke, "I'll have one with everything." For the edification of those of us who have not had the joy to hear the actual joke, the Zen Buddhist says to the hot dog vendor, "Make me one with everything." With such uninspired writing, we would love to ask, did anyone bother to edit or did they expect this whorey slop to pass for actual discourse?

    There's something bitterly ironic that in a film entitled Next, there is absolutely no original ideas or circumstances. However, it does work in a way probably completely unintentionally; we, like Chris Johnson, knew everything that was coming, we just didn't have the happy ability to know we knew what was coming and avoid it. What else is there to say but, next please.

    ***This review was written somewhat in reference to the style and voice of Pauline Kael
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    I just went to see it this morning and a huge pot of macadamia nut brittle vanilla ice cream wasn't enough to soften the bitterness (yes), I am thus compelled to write my first ever movie review in order to try and keep people from giving their hard-earned cash to whatever evil corporation struck this movie upon us.

    This "movie" is about Chris Johnson, a guy who can see up to two minutes (except when the plot suddenly decides it's three hours) in the future. He uses this power in a cautious manner as to not attract too much attention on him and lead a peaceful life until he can finally meet True Love (tm), since he saw in a vision that a hot woman would one day enter his favorite restaurant at 8:09. So one day his dream finally comes true, although it turns out the girl in question is a gigantic prick. Not to worry though, Chris Johnson can see in the future WITH HIS MIND POWER and thus imagine every possible way to win the hot woman's heart, since everybody knows the sure-fire way to long term relationships is to hide your personality and put up an act. Sure enough when night comes up they end up in the same bed, and thus become lovers forever. Unfortunately this is the exact time European terrorists decide it's a good idea to bomb LA. At least I assume they are European, sadly there only was the dubbed version of the movie at my local theater but I think I heard one of them speaking German and another had his lips perfectly in sync with his voice, so he was probably French. Their motive is never explained. Thus begins a convoluted (by which I mean SHITTY) plot involving the two main characters making huge sacrifices for each other since they are True Loves and the bad guys being terribly retarded, accompanied by some of the worst CGI I've seen in the last few years along with horrible acting (although admittedly judgement is always clouded in dubbed movies). To top it all off, the ending is OBVIOUS.

    Apart from Jessica Biel's beautiful body and the comic relief brought by Cage's haircut there is absolutely nothing remotely interesting in this movie, it simply is a gigantic waste of time and money. Tamahori made Mullholand Falls, Cage made, hell, he's acted great in tons of awesome movies, so I can only assume Next was intentionally made in order to crush the very minds of its viewers, then Tamahori can make a movie about it and get tonsa cash, there I discovered the whole plan. I will never sleep again until I get my 6 euros back.
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    Oh Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood, why can't you invest just a little of the millions of dollars you obviously put into special effects, paying for Nicolas Cage and the rest into a decent story ? Next has a brilliant premise, which is what drew me to it in the first place (and some misleadingly good reviews on here !) but it's such a let down. Entertaining enough if all your simple brain demands is yet another guy on the run with FBI, must stop bad guys, explosions and chases type film to add to the identikit hundred or so you've probably seen already. But you'd expect a little bit more than utterly pedestrian with Mr Cage and Miss Moore at the helm. It doesn't deliver.

    Things start out well enough, but then they always do with these types of films. We're introduced to Cage's character and how the rules of his future seeing world operate through an entertaining spin through Las Vegas. Then things start to go wrong.


    So my first gripe; the terrorists. They're French. What ? . I mean, great break out of film stereotypes and don't make all terrorists Muslims. But I expect some credibility and backstory for the ludicrous notion that French terrorists want to blow up LA with a nuclear bomb. We're never told and it's never explained. What a load of rubbish, why not make them Canadian or from Iceland, makes about as much sense. You've got to lose bucket loads of respect for a film and the imaginary world it's trying to create for two hours with a plot hole this stupid.

    But it's symptomatic of the lazy storytelling that is such a letdown in this film. The 'rules' of Cage's future seeing universe are explained to us and then conveniently broken whenever a deux et machina plot moment requires it at will. But at this point it's all gotten a bit silly and I've given up caring. Except maybe to wonder why Julianne Moore thinks it's worth wasting her time with this sort of stuff. Can't she get any better work? Oh and the 'twist' at the end. For a moment I thought they we're actually going to do something clever. No, it just gets sillier as yet again they arbitrarily break with the rules they've created. No French terrorists waiting this time, though there should be.

    Yes, it's entertaining enough, if that's all you want but disappointing in so many areas.

    It makes you wonder if Hollywood is such a dog eat dog world where only the most talented survive how it can turn out so many dogs of films like this. An internet forum of movie buffs could have rewritten this into something so much better.
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    "Next" struck me as coming off about like a pretty good episode of "The Outer Limits", mildly entertaining. Then again, "Outer Limits" is free on TV. I saw "Next" at a matinée show this afternoon; I wouldn't want to have shelled out $10 for it.

    The reviews I've read here so far seem to have had some pretty high expectations for "Next"; I can't help but think that the low ratings reflect more their disappointment than the actual quality of the movie. With a concept by Phillip K. Dick, and starring Nicholas Cage and Julianne Moore (plus Jessica Biel for decoration) it had the potential to be an excellent film; it certainly is not excellent, but neither is it as bad as some are saying.

    True, the CGI effects are not state-of-the-art, but they are serviceable, and do not greatly detract from the story unless the viewer is looking for reasons to be annoyed. Yes, there were some plot holes, but one must suspend disbelief even for the basic premise, that of two-minute precognition. And I confess that I too suspected the twist ending ahead of time (maybe I'm psychic, too!) But still, it was OK, if only OK.

    The best thing that could have been said about "Ghost Rider" is that it set the bar pretty low for whatever film Nicholas Cage would be in afterwards. "Next" cleared that bar, but not by a lot. It's a shame that a star as fun to watch as Cage has turned up in yet another film that lands with a thud. It will pay his bills for a while, but he can do better, and should wait until better comes along.
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    Spoilery: I see 4-5 movies a month in the theater, but when NEXT ended tonight, it was the first time I'd ever heard a crowd "BOO" a movie. I happened to agree with that sentiment. This movie was terrible.

    I consider myself a fairly intelligent guy, but the logic behind some of this plot was just too complicated to follow.

    Also, the casting was all wrong. I never bought Julianne Moore as an FBI agent. She can't pull off "tough." I also thought there was absolutely ZERO chemistry between Jessica Biel and Cage. In fact, every time they kissed, the audience laughed. It was that absurd.

    But the worst casting decision was that of Nicolas Cage. Every time he got that serious *I'm looking into the future* look on his face, I couldn't help but giggle a little. It looked that silly.

    Anyway, do yourself a favor and skip this one.

    The acting is bad. The special effects are bad. The story is bad. The ending is a disaster.
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    Okay, here is the only review that matters (JK). I have seen some awful things said about this movie. But in reality they were thinking they were going to be seeing something much different, maybe spider-man 3 or something, who knows. At no point was this movie hailed as having 250 million dollar budget. The acting was fair, come on can't have people acting legitimate in a science fiction movie. Most go, wouldn't the Fed's go other routes, this my friend is a movie, made for entertainment purposes. Want the real raw deal, go to the non-fiction section. The term fiction to me means not real. So get over that. The effects are good at all points till the barge which is not all that. The producers could have gone with another actress to play the love interest, or given her more to go with. The movie did play her as desperate seeing how she slept with our star so quickly. But it is a 90 minute movie format, so you can't draw it out. The chemistry between the two is also not in the "best I've seen" category. When together they didn't seem to mesh well, and the scene did feel kinda not there. Okay, now for this two minute nonsense I have been reading about. The rules never change, they are the same. He can just manipulate his ability, and maybe he just never pushed himself before to do all those cool tricks, Plus, not many endings can we say that we really have no idea how it ends, got an idea, but like he says at the end, once you look at the future it changes, thats not a spoiler, thats fact. Instance of that is me telling you that the road is wet, you will than slow down instead of speeding. That is how this film ends, shows you one way it could, completely void of the real ending. Its Nice. I would see it again. Not a lot of drama (thank goodness), good action (about time). You want effects to go "wow" at wait till May 4th. The ending was kind of abrupt,just thrown in your face. And when you are sitting there watching the credits run backwards you feel ripped off. Than you think, if they did it all over again it would not be interesting, based off all the stuff he did initially before his time jump back (mentally) you can gather that he will win at saving the girl, and the state of New York, because now his girlfriend is out of danger. The ending also leaves the movie open for a sequel or maybe a back door pilot deal for some network. Who knows. Anyway, that's my deal. Hope it helps. Here is my closing, when complaining about the reality of some science fiction movie and the how's and the why's and the that would never happen. Remember that its just a movie, and is fake. People take movies so literal, almost like the word of God. It is not, and should never happen. When did going to a movie have to be so difficult. Most critics butcher all the good ones and appraise the horrible ones, that is because if they didn't no one would see it. Simple as that. The most worst movies, or boring movies always get the top prizes. Come on now. When wanting to see a movie don't look for someone else's take on it forget that, don't take someone else's word for it, yours is the only one that matters. Because its your $9.25, no one else's. Peace.
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    There Are Bad Movies, Terrible Movies... This One Makes You Angry. There are bad movies. Movies with a bad script or bad actors or poor production values. There are movies with terrible acting, terrible script and terrible production values.

    A movie can make you angry when you disagree with it philosophically. You don't like the gore or you disagree with the politics. This movie is in the category of movies make by people who insult their audience. You can excuse "Golden Compass" for not having an ending because they thought it was going to do better at the box office and they would finish it in the next movie.

    This piece of garbage does not have that excuse. It tells a story. It provides an ending... and then it tells you: No. That is NOT the ending. The ending is something else... but we aren't going to show you what that is. Time's up. We are going to roll the credits now and you can just go home.

    Everyone involved with this movie should do jail time. They read the script. They agreed to participate. They knew they were not going to show the audience how the hero saves the day. They knew they were going to just end the movie after telling us that what they HAD shown us was NOT the correct ending.

    I like Nick Cage action movies. I hate a movie that doesn't have anything resembling an ending. All the characters at the end agree: No, that attempt to get the bad guys and save the girl and save the city didn't work. We have to try again... and then the credits roll.

    I wish I had something to throw at the screen.
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    Nicolas Cage is comfortable playing Las Vegas magician Cris Johnson in the fun action/sci-fi thriller Next. Cris has the uncanny ability to see two minutes into his future, which compels FBI Agent Ferris (played by a stony-faced Julianne Moore) to convince Cris to help stop a nuclear bomb from going off in LA. Sick of government experiments he was exposed to since childhood, Cris is reluctant, until he discovers that it will ultimately cost the life of Liz, the girl of his dreams (Jessica Biel).

    Based on the Philip K. Dick story The Golden Man, Next is satisfactorily directed by Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day, Along Came a Spider). The movie is entertaining, especially since the dialogue remained light and didn't assume a serious philosophical route; plus, the action sequences are solid.

    It was puzzling, though, to see Biel in a damsel-in-distress role that could've easily been played by any starlet. Her athletic assets take a backseat to her exotic beauty, which could not have been stressed enough by the lovestruck Cris. Those moments, fortified by the lack of believable chemistry between Cris and Liz, were almost always on the brink of comedy, which made the movie unexpectedly funny as well.
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    Let me list the many reasons I hate this movie. Let's first start with the blatant rip offs. First the opening credits start with the same splices of the city of Las Vegas and even the same song as the TV show Las Vegas. This piece of slime flick also steals from the classic "A Clock Work Orange" by prying the heroes eyes open with similar eye prying gizmos to force him to watch news clips instead of porn and violence. These are light offenses that might have been foregiven if not for the ending. The ending of this movie was one of the most unforgivable endings ever presented to film. I cant help but believe that the original ending was so denounced and such a utter failure with their preview audiences that they felt the need to cut off the last twenty minutes of the film. If this hasn't scared you from seeing the film, read no more. The surprise of whats to come might somehow impress you. Somehow, I hope you feel the same as me. Now I could concentrate my criticisms of this horrible film to all of its ridiculous aspects like how Cage's character decides to send all the troops to investigate one location while he searches all the rest, when he could have easily investigated them all and one of his troops ends up being killed. But I could have overlooking all of this films problems if not for the ending. I have never seen an ending that have caused more groans in an audience. This film didn't create just one ending groan, but two. The first occurs because everything that has occurred for the last 30 minutes is going to be repeated. The second occurred because the audience was confronted with the fact that the film just ended. This film is the equivalent of watching "Ground Hogs Day", only the secquence to get thru the day is something like 30 minutes of real time and the file ends after he awakes realizing that it still Ground Hogs Day. This film sucks.
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    Next is about a magician, Chris Johnson, who has the ability to see two minutes into the future, and has found a mystery girl who affects his abilities.

    Next is a forgettable, somewhat clichéd, and without much meaning/direction at all. Nicolas Cage is the best actor of the lot, Biel and Moore do above average, and the rest can only pull so much from their bad roles.

    If you go for all action, OK special effects, and little thinking, then this is the flick for you.

    But do think of this: Do you really want to see a film with an abrupt ending, no real direction/meaning, no explanation for many of the plot elements? The motivations of the terrorists (which spur the whole plot) are unclear, making their part in the script only a plot device, the sole reason they exist.

    The movie will have you somewhat entertained for its length, but is (again) forgettable and goes nowhere with clichés and overall average acting.
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    I don't usually write comments - but felt compelled to on this single occasion after seeing some fairly weird knee jerk criticism of this excellent flick from other commentators.

    I accept we won't all like the same movies, so here is a helpful guide as to whether you will like 'Next' or not.

    *1)* Is your idea of a complex, hard to comprehend plot, Driving Miss Daisy?

    If so - with the jumping around and playing with time 'Next' does, you're going to have problems. It'll only annoy you, so give it a miss. Or Ms.

    *2)* Do you enjoy gritty realism and want all characters, major and minor, blue shirt and red shirt, black hat, white hat - to have believable motivation and backstop?

    If so - Next is not going to work for you - as parts of it are fluffy and a bit fuzzy and you'll only get cross and distracted about how French mercenaries got hold of a nuclear device and why they are detonating it without asking for a decade's supply of fois gras or something. And how they know where a super secret bit of the FBI hangs out, etc.

    *3)* Don't you feel movies should have meaning and enrich your soul? I mean; you are giving the best part of two hours of your life away, watching it, right?

    Hmmmm - if you agree with the above, maybe you should give Next a miss. It's just the terribly well made bit of hokum it was designed to be. (Although on the Philosophical front, it does have one decent joke about a Zen Master and a Hot Dog).

    *4)* You are a full paid-up, possibly founder, member of the 'I love Nick Cage overacting' club.

    Another reason not to spring for the rental. Here Mr Cage shows restraint and not a little charm. No nostrils flaring. Not a one. Almost no shouty-shouty. No Big Eyes. You are going to hate this.

    *5)* You like your endings done up in a bow. With nice red ribbon. And a sparkly tag.

    This ending is cool, and although completely unexpected - strangely satisfying. If you're not the kind of person who agrees with point 5).

    IM - obviously not very - HO, Next is a terribly well made picture. All central performances are good and the direction and editing are, for the most, spot on. It's a fairly daft piece of pure entertainment which retains some intelligence, without ever loosing its light touch.

    It's the kind of mainstream Hollywood movie I wish there was more of and it's way better than most of the movies I've seen in 2008 - so although it's really only an 8.6, I gave it a 9.

    If Deja-Vu put you off the time travel and sci/fi thing - Next is superior in every single way and even if you're not a Philp K Dick completist - anytime you want to spend a satisfying 96 minutes in a movie theatre or in front of your 50" Plasma - unless you've ticked one of the above boxes, you could do much, much worse.
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    So what if that fun had nothing to do with the quality of the movie?

    First off, everyone but Nicholas Cage was useless. Julianne Moore (Hannibal, The Hours) was pointless, but not quite as much as Jessica Beil (The Illusionist). Neither contributed much to the film, but at least Moore's character was trying to do something plotwise. Beil, well, she was there to look good. And she did, more or less. Besides that, she contributed nothing but a distraction to a movie who's "plot" was rough enough.

    Oh yes, the plot. And i used the quotes for a reason. Apparently, there's a group of French-speaking, blond, Russian terrorists, none of whom you meet long enough to recognize or remember by name, planting a nuclear bomb (50 kiloton my ass.) in Los Angeles. And I'm not spoiling anything; the movie comes out and tells you this pretty early into it. So Moore, obsessed that Cage is the only one that can stop the bomb, somehow avoids being fired by her all too useless superiors and hunts him down. He's looking for Beil...only because he "saw" her once, important because it was more than the 2 minutes away he can normally see. Throw in some amateur philosophy talk about destiny, and we're half over.

    The next half is Cage and Moore running...Cage with the same face in every situation, as per usual. Then, end.

    A much more fitting end would've been: (Flashback to Cage in a casting agent's office): Cage - I'm sorry, but I've seen into this movie's future, and I see it failing miserably. Bye.

    But it was fun...if, and only if, you go with a group of people who fully recognize this is not something to be taken seriously.

    (sidenote: some of the best jokes are the "storytime with Fred Savage" ones when Peter Falk shows up early on)
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    am i the only person that thinks the ending is a little stupid, what was it he got wrong and how did he correct it (the bomb i mean) also how come he saw hours into the future when the woman was kidnapped even though he could only see 2 minutes before. i know allot of you are gonna say how he stops the bomb is left to your imagination but I DON'T WANT TO IMAGINE A FILM, I WANT TO WATCH IT!!!!!! also i know 2 people can get close quickly but i didn't really believe the relationship between cage and the girl, also there were some massive holes in the explanation of his abilities. anyhoo i give it a 4 because i really enjoyed it until the abrupt and unsatisfying ending
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    This movie sucked. Not in the 'oh I've just wasted 3 quid at blockbuster' way sucked but sucked in the 'this type of move that ends careers' sucked. We have three heavy weight actors, Cage, Biel and Moore, who put in the most wooden performances I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong both Cage and Moore have had there ups and downs (the remake of 'The Wicker Man' anyone? or 'The Forgotten'?) but 'Next'? Guys: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!??? The poor acting aside, the script had more holes than swiss cheese.

    The premise that the protagonist can see two minutes into the future all changes at the whim of director: at the end of the movie not only can he see days into the future he can change his destiny and the fate of others. Sorry scriptwriters BUT DESTINY IS UNAVOIDABLE: thats why its called DESTINY.

    I love Cage in his gung ho action persona. I loved 'The Rock'. I loved 'Con Air'. Above comments aside I even thought his 'Wicker Man' was watchable. But 'Next'? Thats what Cage&Moore&Biel should have said when their agents pitched it to them...

    Disappointing. Avoid!
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    Like any other movie based on concepts or novels created by Philip K. Dick there is more to the plot than you actually see on the screen. I think Philip K. has some wonderful thought provoking ideas that are really exciting. The problem is that only a few directors know how to translate his ideas on the screen. The execution done by Lee Tamahori is decent, but could have been done a lot better. The CGI effects look average but placed in the context are just right. Nick's ability seems limited at first. Later we will find out that he was holding back. A lot of things are not explained. More background on Nick's character would have been nice. Who is Peter Falk supposed to be? What is so special about Jessica Biel that Nicks' character wants to meet her? Has he already seen that they would end up in bed? And how did the FBI know of the existence of the nuclear bomb? What are the terrorists motives? Who were the terrorists? There are a lot of questions that are not answered. In the end it doesn't matter. Seeing Nick in action is interesting and entertaining enough. The twist at the end gives this movie just that extra dimension it needs. Overall Next could have been a lot better. But to be honest Next isn't bad. It just isn't special enough. At least worth one viewing!