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The Hunt (2006) HD online

The Hunt (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: The Hunt
Director: Fritz Kiersch
Writers: Fritz Kiersch,Danny Martin
Released: 2006
Budget: $500,000
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Creative Work
Bow hunting enthusiast Jack Hamberg, his eight-year old stepson Clint and former news cameraman Atticus Monroe are on a mission to make a deer hunting video. All that is needed to complete the video is a "kill". Jack and Atticus reluctantly decide to trespass onto a nearby property where there may be more abundant prey. Once inside the restricted area, they come upon some frightening realizations. The hunters have become the hunted. Only one comes out alive with the tapes that captured the horrific events that transpired on "The Hunt".


Credited cast:
Joe Michael Burke Joe Michael Burke - Jack Hamberg
Cliff De Young Cliff De Young - Jon Kraw
Robert Rusler Robert Rusler - Atticus Monroe
Mitchell Burns Mitchell Burns - Clint
Amy Briede Amy Briede - Tessa Kraw Hamberg
Thomas Cunningham Thomas Cunningham - Hunter
Becky Love Becky Love - Jean Kraw
Jon Dozhier Jon Dozhier - Kid
Brett Bower Brett Bower - Counterman
John Hornbuckle John Hornbuckle - OCAT Man
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Brandon H. Fields Brandon H. Fields - Tom Hayes

Reviews: [16]

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    I went into the video store and saw this title, looked at the intriguing cover and decided to give it a try. I like to give indie films a fair chance and this one looked like it may be good or terrible. I was surprised. The film was put together like a documentary, which really gives an eerie feeling throughout. The acting was pretty good, a little corny at times with certain lines, but all in all decent. The story was creepy in the sense that three hunters (one of whom is only an 8 year old boy) are in the woods, trapped, and alone, with an unknown presence hunting them. As a hunter myself, I appreciated the knowledge that went into filming this movie to show hunting as a moral sport, not a blood sport like many assume. The CGI effects were also surprisingly well done and the music was great. All in all a good film for horror buffs with a great twist of an ending. 7 out of 10 stars.
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    Even though I had never heard of this movie before, the DVD case caught my eye at Blockbuster the other day, so I decided to rent it and give it a shot. I'm very glad I did.

    This is a creepy little movie that's pretty involving, and it moves at a fast enough pace that you're never bored.

    The acting is good all around, and even though it borrows heavily from The Blair Witch Project, I didn't feel The Hunt was a copycat movie. It has its own unique angle.

    I really enjoyed this, and I am recommending it to all my friends. If you're a fan of science fiction or horror, you should really like this.
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    I saw this film at the Chicago Horror Film Festival and I must say that it had a surprise ending that you just don't see coming. The acting in it is also very good, surprising to see in many Independent films that you see. Plus the effects were done very well. I can't believe this one didn't win best Effects at the festival.

    I did see that it did win Best Actor which is good. Robert Rusler (Vamp) did a great job in this film. His character was just so far out there and fun to watch. The kid also did a great job in the film.

    The film is a little confusing at first, with all the cutting in of different kinds of footage, but once the film gets moving, it stays flowing at a pretty smooth pace.
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    I just watched this movie last night and loved it.I am not sure if it's really a true story or not but it sure had me going.It is either true or the maker's of this movie want us to believe it.It is very convincing and extremely well acted and real.I loved the brutal honesty of it.These are the kind of movies I like and hope to see more of.I don't understand how a movie like this isn't distributed to a bigger audience.I mean I had to rent it from a video store that specializes in indie and harder to find DVD's.Even blockbuster didn't have it.I think a movie like this should have played in all the major theater's.I hope more people get to see it because it's got a lot going for it.It has talented actors,a good storyline,action,suspense,mystery,nice scenery,cinematography,well paced and more.I am planning on buying this DVD and will enjoy showing it to all my friends.It did start out a little slow but it was a nice character development instead of it being rushed like some movies are. The special effects were quite good considering the budget especially towards the end of the film.A couple of my favorite scenes were when Atticus,Jack and Clint stopped into a greasy spoon coffee shop/restaurant and met some of the locals.And I liked it when they encountered the hunter (played by Thomas Cunningham).I got a kick out of him.I loved it when he put the 2 men in their place but warned them not to go in the forest. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.This movie really makes you think afterwards about what is going on out there that we aren't aware of and if there are real cover ups happening.I strongly recommend this movie.
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    Saw this in the Blockbuster and picked it up as a Friday Night flick. The premise is straightforward: Hunters go into the woods-- and find something unexpected.

    Difference is that the hunters are portrayed as good ordinary guys who hunt for plain sport-- they're not uneducated, Bloodthirsty hillbillies. Just Hunters. The Stepdad is played with good, solid earnestness. The kid is just a kid-- no oozy, sacchar-whiney uber-cuteness-- just a kid who gets more and more scared as time goes on while the conflict between the two adults build and build.

    The ending left me kinda thoughtful-- but not in a bad way.
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    I loved it ... It is one of those 'sleeper' movies that most haven't seen yet a matter of fact, I never saw it advertised. But it will pick up viewers with the DVD's release.

    I am sure that the sci-fi network will make a copy soon ... Probably starring Lance Hendricksen in the 'Atticus' role ... I'm going to buy a copy for my collection.

    One thing I did like, was that it was a slow build to being scary, and that they didn't over-do showing you the 'hunters" too early in the film. It could have been anything following them .. And the I like that the relationship with Jack and the boy builds ...

    Good direction .. .. Great plot ... Some sadness ... Not all experiences are happily ever after ... Make the popcorn and enjoy!
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    At first, when I rented this movie, I thought it would be another b-movie with a stupid plot and horrible acting. I was dead wrong. It was a b-movie, but one of the better ones made. The whole movie is set like the Blair Witch Project, from a hand-held camcorder and has a documentary feel. The story is about a father and his stepson, with a guide, who go hunting in the woods. Little do they know, they have stumbled into a restricted area of the woods containing aliens.

    The acting was as close to top-notch as any b-movie can get, with the exception of Oscar worthy. Which, it was not. The acting, as well as the script, gave the illusion that this actually occurred and it was a documentary. As for the plot, it was original. And it used a great and creative use of un-chronological order. The ending was a real shocker to.

    This is one of the greater b-movies made. I have to admit, the tagline for this movie was also pretty good. Which for me, I don't say it that often. Very, very well done movie.
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    I absolutely loved this movie! This movie is directed by the same director as the first Children of the Corn. I went to the premiere in Oklahoma City at the Art Museum. I was really surprised with the ending and the plot kept me interested throughout. I left with a feeling of satisfaction,not one where you're thinking, "Oh, another suspense movie, I knew how that was going to go" but instead, I walked away thinking, "I've never seen anything quite like that." And, my favorite character is the Counterman played by local Oklahoma actor,Brett Bower. For a serious movie, his scenes brought laughter and a smile to my face. You'll have to see it to experience it!
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    Saw a screening of this movie in Oklahoma City. Loved it! Very well done. All the main actors were wonderful. The little boy did a great job, too. The effects are incredible and the cinematography and style of the whole film really works well. Some funny parts, too. I liked the guy in the restaurant scenes who was talking about squirrel hunting. Funny character! The plot of the film is creepy and it really makes you wonder what's out there. You keep thinking the whole time what's gonna happen next. I about jumped out of my seat a couple times. Glad it was showing in Oklahoma City. Hope this will be available for DVD rental/purchase. A good, suspenseful thriller!
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    GREAT movie!

    I'm never expected it is so good until watched it. The second half of the movie really made me a little thriller. love this kind slow-build scary.

    The plot of the film is creepy and it really makes you wonder what's out there. Though the film is a little confusing at first, once the film gets moving, it stays flowing at a pretty smooth pace. You keep thinking the whole time what's gonna happen next. I about jumped out of my seat a couple times.

    Last but not the least, this movie is based on a actual event. Survivors refused any participation in the making of this movie...

    love it...
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    I sat down to watch The Hunt without any real expectations. After all, just how far can you go with a story about three hunters in the woods and something going wrong? At best, I figured it would be a story along the lines of Deliverance.

    Boy, was I wrong! The pseudo-documentary, Blair Witch-like direction really added to this tense, suspense-filled movie. Throw in a cast of likable, believable characters and enough plot twists to keep the most jaded movie-viewer satisfied, an excellent score, and a killer surprise ending, and you've got all the makings of a great film. This one's a winner, don't miss it.
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    I immediately picked up on the main plot of this movie: hunters going into the woods to video the killing of a trophy white tail deer. Everything was cool until the "hunters" entered the woods. The hunters made far too much noise as they pursued their trophy deer, IE, much too much white tailed deer in it's right mind would allow anyone making that much noise to get anywhere near it, but these guys got within bow shot range....I don't think so.

    There are scenes where the hunters see strange objects resembling a miniature Stonehenge, this after crossing over into a fenced area with razor wire at the top. (This definitely tells you to stay out!). I would not do this especially if I had a child with me.

    Were the predators alien, naturally occurring, but genetically altered lifeforms? What? It was never mentioned.

    Lastly, a mere fence would never be enough to contain those things. They could have easily bypassed that and gone on to rampage the planet.
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    Two hunters and a young boy head into the woods to film a deer hunting video. But they enter private property and suddenly find themselves in a mess way beyond their control. Also, the story of a search party piecing together the whereabouts of the missing...

    Director Fritz Kiersch (whose only claim to fame is "Children of the Corn") brings us this one. Yeah, I hadn't heard of him, either. And after people see this film, they most likely still won't bother to give him the time of day. Sorry, Fritz. Let's run down the list of problems with this film.

    The cover has two problems, which is a bad way to judge a film, but think of it like this: if you care enough about your film, shouldn't you make it appealing? First we have a tagline that tells us "The hunters become the hunted", which is just about he most overused and weak excuse imaginable. I hope that guy didn't get paid. Next, they try to sell the film by calling it "Blair Witch Project meets Predator". I'm sorry, that doesn't make me interested at all.

    They were right about the Blair Witch Project part, though, as much of the film is shown through the camera of one of the hunters. (If you know anything about cameras, though, look at the model he is using and look at the film quality -- clearly this is not actual footage.) This gimmick is nothing special, and the fact they already told us it was like the "Blair Witch Project" makes it seem somewhat derivative.

    We have a kid who is a horrible plot device and a horrible actor. Maybe he needed to be written out, or maybe they needed a different kid. I don't know. But this boy, who the hunters keep accurately calling "wimp", doesn't really add anything to the film. He could add some family tension (his parents are divorced), but they don't really touch on that.

    The biggest ripoff of all is when they offer "the twist". You know I can't say what it is, but I'll tell you this: take two guesses and one of the two will be correct. Sadly, the one that's far less interesting is the one they decided to go with.

    The film isn't a complete waste of time, though how exciting is a movie with a couple guys walking through the woods? Obviously the body count can't exceed three, and the conversation is kind of limited when you have to talk about deer and trees. As with other slow movies, I would have suggested this had been trimmed into a one-hour Masters of Horror type episode. Except, of course, there's no nudity or gore and there was already a (better) episode about deer. This still would have been weak.

    You might have guessed, I'm not giving this one my seal of approval. Compared to the other films I watched this past week ("Evil Ed", "Henry", "2001 Maniacs" and "High Tension") "The Hunt" is little more than pond scum.... or deer droppings. Look for something else.
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    I've seen a lot of films, not to say I'm an expert, but there has been a fair share of both gold and trash. Often, because I usually end up knowing all the films recommended to me by others, I'll look around online to find unknown, or lesser known, movies I haven't yet got around to screening. On several lists concerning the found footage genre I saw The Hunt; many people said it was worth checking out, that it was a hidden gem in the genre. How wrong some people are.

    First of all, the acting was really rough at a lot of points. Not always, but often enough for me to be totally taken out of any emotions I'd been feeling for the characters. There's one really hair-raising scene of acting when one of the actors has his shirt off, sitting back, drinking some booze, and ranting to himself on camera. It's not just bad acting, it's also a bad scene; badly written and executed. The plot itself is not bad, and could have worked, but everything works against it. The way it's filmed is nothing special, even as found footage goes, and the fact that most of it is badly acted really just takes away from the overall finished film.

    I give this a 2 out of 10 because the story wasn't bad, it just didn't have the best writing behind it. I liked where it all went; I wasn't expecting how it all ended up. I'd anticipated a simple movie about hunting in the woods, maybe some weirdos hiding out and killing people- what I got was a little different than that. Not to say it was innovative. I just felt there were at least some redeeming qualities, even if they were very few and far between. Skip this one and find something better if you're looking to quench the found footage thirst.
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    What is the Hunt?

    It is an odd film to describe. If I had to guess the elevator pitch, it would probably be something like 'Blair Witch meets Signs'. I am also reminded a bit of last year's The Fourth Kind, which was more strait forward and progressive in its storytelling. The Hunt is a film that slowly builds up to an overambitious climactic twenty minutes. Unless you spend half the day going over the film (and for something like this I don't wanna bother) it will probably leave you with more questions than answers. The film is kind of interesting and engaging, but it ends up delivering a wreck of a pay off which makes me a little dubious about recommending it. Then again, it is kind of spooky evocative and disturbing, in a Blair Witch manner, which is pretty much what the Hunt intends to be.

    Jack Hamberg is going deer hunting with his step son. He is bringing along a professional camera man to film them, not simply for fun but for business. In addition to being a chance to bond with young Clint, the hunt is also a small advertising gig, for a special piece of camera technology which has yet to go on the market. They left in the morning, they disappeared that night. The next day, Clint's real father starts up the search party, and he too is having himself documented on camera. The film cuts back and forth between the hunt and various periods of the search. During the hunt, Hamberg and son, cross into some private property while tracking a deer, and once on the other side, they start to see and hear some bizarre things which may lead to some trouble up the road.

    The narrative is kind of a spoiler in the sense that we know some of the outcome before it happens. The ending is both happy and sad, though also aggravating. There are two other problems I have with this movie. The hunting/tracking part of the film takes up more screen time than necessary. We see the same kinds of shots and hear the same lines over and over again. While that part is too long, the climax on the other hand is overly rushed and muddled. This is the most frightening and exciting part of the movie, yet it feels too contrived for me to just except it. Even though The Hunt is effectively artsy in its design, its storytelling ability is poor.

    I cannot say I didn't enjoy myself, but the idea defeats the execution somewhat. If you really wanna see this, you may as well. It has enough going for it, to spook a viewer, but the final product needs polishing.
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    Okay so I gave this film a 6 out of 10 stars, but originally it was going to be a 5 out of 10 stars... Here is why; This film starts off pretty good, then quickly descends into a tar pit of 50/50 acting, and mediocre dialogue.. HOWEVER there are a few GREAT things in this movie as well...

    I loved the cameraman, he was a crazy dude and was actually believable, and the ENDING... Oh man, the ending is AWESOME! I am sure the ending is almost everybody's favorite part in the film, however I worry that the near 1 and a half hours of in-activity leading up to the ending, may have people tuning out before the best part begins..

    As I said, the ending is AMAZING, the acting is "meh...", the kid in the movie is ANNOYING, and overall the film is worth a one time viewing for the amazingly awesome ending.. just remember when your halfway through it... its ALL about the ending! Enjoy