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Tikras detektyvas The Great War and Modern Memory (2014– ) HD online

Tikras detektyvas The Great War and Modern Memory (2014– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: The Great War and Modern Memory
Director: Jeremy Saulnier
Writers: Nic Pizzolatto,Nic Pizzolatto
Released: 2014–
Duration: 59min
Video type: TV Episode
The next installment tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Mahershala Ali Mahershala Ali - Detective Wayne Hays
Carmen Ejogo Carmen Ejogo - Amelia Reardon
Stephen Dorff Stephen Dorff - Detective Roland West
Scoot McNairy Scoot McNairy - Tom Purcell
Ray Fisher Ray Fisher - Henry Hays
Jon Tenney Jon Tenney - Alan Jones
Josh Hopkins Josh Hopkins - Jim Dobkins
Mamie Gummer Mamie Gummer - Lucy Purcell
Sarah Gadon Sarah Gadon - Elisa Montgomery
Rhys Wakefield Rhys Wakefield - Freddy Burns
Brandon Flynn Brandon Flynn - Ryan Peters
Richard Meehan Richard Meehan - Frankie Boyle
Michael Greyeyes Michael Greyeyes - Brett Woodard
Phoenix Elkin Phoenix Elkin - Will Purcell
Lena McCarthy Lena McCarthy - Julie Purcell

The poem read by the teacher is "Tell me A Story" from Robert Penn Warren from the collection "Selected Poems 1923-1975".

The Purcell's hometown of West Finger is a fictionalized version of West Fork, Arkansas.

The Purcell case has similarities to the Robin Hood Hills Murders, AKA West Memphis Three. Both crimes take place in Arkansas, three "outcast" teenage boys were suspected of the crime (and ultimately charged, convicted, and released under Alford Pleas), and the children were found in the woods near water.

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    Let's talk about the elephant in the room, for me, nothing will ever live up to the first season. But this was an excellent first episode of the current season.

    W/o getting into too much of the story, viewers are brought into a familiar TD setting and similar feeling story, but with a different case and leads to follow. As a series staple this is once again told over different time periods. This made me feel right at home as a long time fan of the series.

    The lead is an excellent actor, along with the rest of the cast, but I was quite drawn into a lot of his scenes during the episode.

    I really enjoyed the characters and I found myself wanting to know more about their stories and where the series would take them, and why a certain series of events would happen.

    I had no expectations as to how this episode would play out, but I am glad to say it was time spent wisely.

    The setup for this season has really caught me off guard and I am very keen to see how this story unfolds.

    + HBO released two episodes at the season launch so you can binge the first two right now!

    Rejoice in the fact that TD is back in 2019.
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    This season has the same vibe and attraction that made me love this show in the first place. If you are like me, then season 2 was nothing but a huge disappointment after the outstanding flow and cast of the first.
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    For all those that say season 3 of True Detective is a wannabe season 1 are just plain ridiculous! Of course it's got the same aspects (dark rural, troubled characters) that's what makes it TD . It would just be another cop show if it didn't keep the same theme. That's why nobody liked season 2 because they went away from the format
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    This has already pulled me in much more than Season 2 ever did at any point. Very excited for the future of this season. I doubt season 1 will ever be topped and I very much hope we revisit Carcosa in the future but this seems to be going well. Fingers crossed! Ignore the edgy naysayers.
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    This is it. This is expected from the cult series. The series, which is cult in every respect, justified the expectations of the first two episodes of the third series. Fantastic acting, characters in the series are even better, that's actually it
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    While i still think many misunderstood and overly hated the underrated season 2 in all of its complexity, you can tell creator/writer/mastermind; Nic Pizzolatto went back to what worked most effectively in the classic season 1. He focused on similar themes and overall story delivery of s1 and implemented that style in this season 3 so far. The story pulls you in from the start with incredible acting and developed characterization by Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorrf, and Scoot McNairy. The haunting settings and mysterious imagery is magnificently shot and utterly captivating with the keen eye of director Jeremy Saulnier. The writing by Pizzolatto is once again fantastic and genius, and I'd really love to see another full length feature film written by him in the future. To go along with all of these great aspects is an enthralling and chilling soundtrack full of atmosphere that compliments the events extremely well. Overall I knew this would be a solid intro episode, but I'm very surprised at just how excellent it was and cannot wait to see how everything comes to light.
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    This season shows a ton of promise. I'm so excited!! This takes place in the Ozarks, and the aesthetics of the season is perfect. Im totally hooked on the mystery, and the revelations and twists are super unexpected. I really love the character of Hays, the badass tracker detective. He has a very cool but kind quality that I'm really connecting with. I sort of feel like this has a warmth to it that the other seasons might not have had, but I've enjoyed all the seasons. True Detective is one of my favorites and I can't wait for next weeks episode!! I can't wait to find out who the killer is
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    Whilst getting excited for this new season I ended rewatched season one AGAIN - Easily in the Top three of the greatest TV shows of all time - and one of the biggest reasons why season two suffered so much. It's interesting to see some of the creative decisions that have been made here, obviously some of th
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    It's truly an amazing episode, the cinematography was so good the story is remarkable.

    It's good to see an amazing crime show after all.
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    After all these years True Detective coming back! Finally!! It has a very good storyline at this point, with the same feeling as it has the first season which made us to love it. Only good things for this comeback. Mahershala Ali looks very into his role and giving the right feelings for the character. I am looking forward to seeing the next episodes.
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    For all those that say season 3 is a season 1 wannabe , are ridiculous! Of course it's gonna be like season 1 ( dark, troubled characters) that's the theme of True Detective.. If it was anything other it would just be another cop show and not under the True Detective umbrella.
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    This very first episode of what could become a brilliant Brother of the perfect opening season has everything we wanted to. Characters (for now Just Mashala), narrative, pathos, intensity, mistery. Pizzolato seems to have learnt the lesson with the second season, bulding a story with a Major crime and a lot of intriguing points. Let's wait. Let's hope
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    So, True Detective is back with its third season and so begins the 8-week journey of one of my most anticipated TV series in quite a while. We are in 3 different timelines. Wayne Hays and his partner exploring a missing child crime in the past, this same Wayne Hays being under observation of the police ten years later (quite like with Woody Harrelson & Matthew Mcconaughey in S1), and him in his very old days trying to remember details of the case.

    So far, the Season is back with stunning cinematography and soundtrack. It's really fascinating how much work is put in todays television production value. The pacing is methodic, of course never really allowing us to see quite much, but having a twisted ending that'll pave the road for the following episodes.

    And yet Mahershala Ali is the key element. Though there is still much to come from him in this series, he already gave an excellent performance in this opening pilot. His character is very much layered and nuanced, and he does a perfect job in showing this.

    Looking forward to next week, True Detective has me hooked!
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    It seems like a repeat of season 1 but still good if you can make out what they are saying. Sound quality stinks, why do so many new shows have this problem? I watch old movies and TV shows with no problem hearing what they say. I have to put subtitles on most new shows in order to hear there mumbles.
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    After watching the first two episodes. Im glad i decided to give this season a shot. Season 2 made me question if they still were capable of producing a good series, as it was a very sub par season in comparison to season one, and had no feel of the style that season one had. This season has recaptured the original feeling and seems to have a coherent story, with a interesting lead character. It's not as great as season ones first couple of episodes were and the characters of season one will probably never be topped in how well they were written in however many season this show ends up doing, but those are big shoes to fill and not being that top tier definitely doesnt make it bad. More of a slow burn, but not in a annoying way which many series that try the slow path often do. And i have a feeling the pace will start to pick up more within episodes 3-4.
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    It feels to me like they wanted to make season 1 all over again.. It feels like the two detectives are trying too much to be Rust and Marty... They don't feel genuine at all. Also... They are trying way to hard to be deep but it comes of as recited from books. I feel nothing when the main character tries to be deep. Absolutely nothing. I enjoy the story very much tho, I really, really hope the next episodes will be better..
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    While I'm not as familiar with Mahershala Ali, who also gives an outstanding performance in all three timelines, I have to comment on Mr. Dorff's role, though I rarely take time to rate and write about television performances.

    Mr. Dorff has THOROUGHLY hammered the Arkansas lawman. He is utterly believable, and so reminds me of the "ideal man" everyone strived to be in Northeast Texas, where I was born. The accent. The stoic demeanor. Even the rugged, bass tone of his voice! He wears his belt, boots and shirts the right way, too - these details may seem trivial, but I have seen countless, otherwise well-staged characters, destroyed by this lack of detail. I'm guessing the man spent some time there, at some point.

    I really enjoyed Mr. Dorff in Gate, as a child actor, and most recently in "Brake", one of his better and more underrated B-movies. In "True Detectives", the man truly SHINES!

    This episode sets the mood and the storyline in three timelines. Being the first, almost every other remark will be a "spoiler", so I will simply say the story is intriguing, as with the previous two seasons, and the performances stellar, again as with the last two attempts, but season three is the SEASON OF DORFF!

    Watch the series just to see how a veteran actor holds the stage without "hogging" it. Bravo, maestro! Bravo!

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    Disappointing ending to a lousy series. Just does not compare to the first series in the slighest
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    Well, the best show in town is back boys. And when I say boys I don't mean the kids who watch Avengers or whatever crap super hero movie/show is out these days. This one is for grown up adults. First, I wasn't sure about Mahershala Ali having the lead role but his acting is great. For those of you who haven't seen previous seasons, go now and start watching the first season, it is truly a masterpiece.
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    I'm not sure why so many people are giving the show a rating between 8-10 as the pace of the show was so slow! I kept nodding off during Ep2. Yes Hayes character is dark, troubled and doesn't get along w/his partner. There are racial undertones between the 2 partners. All that said, this season has a lot of potential & I will watch 1-2 more episodes to see if it gets better. It will be hard to match S1 w/Matthew & Woody which was by far the best!
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    I truly do not understand why this show is getting high marks. Season 1 was so phenomenal, and Season 2 such a let down, that we all want 3 to be great again so badly. Plus everyone loves Ali and Carmen. But let's be honest: the acting is laughable; it is so badly directed and acted, that I simply HAD to turn it off. I tried 3-4 times to start again, but I would see one scene after another that IMO belongs right up there with "The Room" . McNairy character..who gave him those ridiculous lines and scenes? Nothing about him makes sense. He just started yelling 10 minutes in and hasn't stopped since. There is no development or subtlety. The conversations between Dorff and Ali are so heavy handed, that it loses all potency. No one talks like that. That constant sighing and those faces. Kid and teen actors are a whole breed to themselves, and probably tricky to manage. But we have known countless jaw dropping performances through the years. The bar has been set so low in H'wood that the most basic, infantile 'acting' is enough to pass. That is where I finally gave up: when one kid is supposedly crying. But it is not just the acting. The writing is just as bad. Yes, I know it is a movie, but this is not a fairy tale, or a cartoon; so certain rules of realism need to be observed. The way these cops have been dealing with a crime, and witnesses; with the procedure itself is laughable. really lousy show. And I wanted this to be good.
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    Because it reminds Season 1. Mystery, Occult(? - the dolls), Criminology, Dark. 'Nough said.
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    Loved season 1. Season 2 was terrible. This was absolutely awful. Snooze Fest! Not watching the rest of season 3. Bleah.
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    True Detective

    Pizzolatto's crime drama clearly leans on offering an engaging drama rather than a gripping case. It has always been a bit spiritual than it has to be technical. And this is what makes the series stand out among various such true story crime investigations. Another thing that the makers works on majorly, are its layered dialogues and mature conversations, since there is often very little development on the case in each step- in order to convey the practicality and test the patience of the viewers as the characters did- the writers gets to stretch the muscles on the bonding of the characters. And deriving various equations between them, this character driven series speaks more on the existence of a being and the nature of oneself in the society.

    The series has few signature scenes like a deep philosophical conversation in a car, recording the testimony and an edgy love track. It takes real cases and creates a non-linear cinematic structure and more than often in order to do so, the detailing that goes behind setting up these characters in that world gives it a more attractive look. From creating the era that the tale revolves around to setting up the art design or set accordingly, the narration too gets more referential of the pop-culture or political controversy that was buzzed around that period which immensely helps the writers to jump on the train for a smooth flow.

    Unlike any other juicy criminal case, it barely directs its guns towards the who-done-it case, if anything its uncertainty and vagueness, makes you go off track from the case and easily dive on the ideologies of the characters. This slow pill drama is the most meticulous a crime genre has ever ever been, a home run from Pizzolatto's point of view, since his vision, of projecting the real behind the stage sweat and blood inducing work that goes by in a case, is jaggedly on mark.

    Season 03

    Coming back to their original theme, this season starts the clock from zero, and offers a familiar cat and mouse chase, where the investigation is rudimentary and the development is slow paced as usual, but what makes you look twice for it, is Ali's breathtaking performance.

    The Great War And Modern Memory

    It has a promising start with a safe play especially on terms of performance, while as far as its trademark non-linearly narration is concerned, it is certainly able to glorify the environment around it but unfortunately isn't able to utilize that weapon to its best.
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    I think season one sets the detective series bar so high it cannot be beaten. However if we think season 3 separate show entirely this is carenteed HBO quality no question about it. Atmosphere was threathning and disturbing even when nothing thrilling is not going on: It's like thundedclouds, never no for sure when the lightning strikes. Acting was decent but not as good as I expected: I believe Marsheala Ali will show how great he is when show continues. Inlfuences on season one was clear but that is so far good thing. Ending in this episode was very captivating and that is the reason I gave 9 stars instead of seven. I believe in this show.